Holland, Michigan

Before you venture on, please keep in mind that I have reposted this from my old blog and it is almost a year old. Dates/stories/pictures may be out of date, but I wanted to keep them exactly how they were when they were originally posted! Enjoy!

You could definitely say I’ve had a LOT of the travel bug in me this past year. I decided to devote a few trips to exploring my home state, Michigan. One of my favorite places to be in MI is on the west coast. It’s so beautiful.

In the fall, my boyfriend and I took a mini road trip that started in Grand Rapids (which is where the picture above this is taken) and then wound up in Holland.

This town was founded by Dutch immigrants almost 150 years ago. One of their claims to fame is their yearly Tulip Festival. Every spring, you can go and walk through rows and rows of beautiful tulips. Is there any question that I’ll be returning there when that happens? Expect pictures, lots of them. I’m serious, just google it and you’ll see what I mean.

Besides their festival, the beaches and views here are incredible.


I mean…what. The Great Lakes do not get enough credit.

Our day begin with a drive to the great city of Grand Rapids. We trekked through an art show, found ourselves in a history museum and wound up eating pizza in a tiny restaurant. (I’m going to be honest; the pizza was terrible and also way overpriced. 8/10 wouldn’t recommend, not even going to put the name here.)
Then, we were off to our biggest stop of the day: Holland, of course!
We began our trip exploring what I’m guessing was a park and an old windmill.

Then, we found ourselves in another little park that stretched out into lake Michigan (which is the pictures of the lakes you see above). We enjoyed the breeze from a pier for a little while, and then wound up back on the sand.

I don’t know how many of you have ever tried to walk for a while on dry sand…but it’s harder than it looks. Honestly, it’s almost an entire workout right there.

That led us to some pretty hills that were covered in trees and long grass. My boyfriend dragged me up them, and I do honestly mean dragged. I was reluctant for a while, because we weren’t supposed to climb them, but finally we did. The view was so worth it. (I’m really sad because I didn’t actually save any of the SnapChats I took of this view…)

The best part of this day was just sitting on one of the highest points of this town, looking out at all this beautiful land and water. Sometimes, it’s hard to wrap your head around all of the things God created for us.

P.S. My lesson of the day was to go off the path and ignore the signs sometimes, because you’ll wind up with the best views.

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  • What beautiful weather you had! How lovely

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