How I Organize My Planner: Simple Style

One of the things I’ve really gotten into this past year has been writing my life out in a planner. It’s so much easier to see what your schedule is going to look like during a certain week, or to remember what you have to get done! Although I don’t plan everything down to the hour or add tons of stickers and reminders everywhere, I have a system that works. It’s super simple and won’t overwhelm you! Plus, the planner I picked is so cuuuuuuute.

The Big Picture

I chose a simple design for my planner so that I could jazz it up as needed. The planner is from TJ Maxx and let me tell you, $7.99 is a price I’ll gladly pay for a planner.

Do everyone else’s planners usually start in July and end the next July/August, or do you guys have ones that start in January and end in December? I personally am a fan of the July-July, because it’s perfect if you’re in school or if you have a schedule that works around the school year, like being a teacher!

I also chose a large planner because, girl, I’ve got a lot to write out! With four classes, a job and other opportunities throughout the year, it’s important to me to have a ton of space for what I need to remember.

You’ll also notice that I added my pens in the picture, because they deserve a shout out. They’re the Pilot G-2 07 pens, and I’m in love with them.



 As you open the planner, it starts with July 2016 in a full-month overview.

This is where I like to write main events that are happening, such as; when I work (unless I can’t fit it), main homework-things to remember and when I’m posting blogs. I color-code this stuff based on four major categories: regular events, work, homework, and blog stuff. Just adding a little color to different things helps them to stand out!

I also always like to check an event once I’ve done it/it’s over.

To the right is a notes section where I can remind myself of major things I need to get done. Sometimes I’ll put a date next to them, sometimes not. I always like to put a box next to them, though, because it’s fun to check things off when they’re finished. :)I also put a little key here to remind me what goes with what color, but I don’t think I’ll do that for every month.



If the blocks get too jammed with things (as they might during the school year), that’s where the full-week overview comes in.These start with Monday and end with Sunday, which is perfect for how my weeks work!

In each day, that’s where I’ll post all of the important things I’m doing (minus hanging out with friends, going out, exercising, grocery shopping, smaller life things, etc…). I will also check each of these events once they’re done, because it just helps me to stay on track!

The weekly section will quickly be filled with homework assignments, exams, parties, social events, etc, once my weeks fill up again!

To the right is reminders, and that’s a little more specific than it was on the monthly-overview page. Although my phone is my major helper in this area, I also like to have it all written down. When you make a list of what you need to get done, it’s so much easier to do it all!

What do you guys like to do with your planners? Any tips or tricks are welcome below,

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  • Christine

    Hi Amanda,

    Can you share the company name that makes the planner? I know you got it at TJ Maxx, but I’m hoping I can find it online somewhere else since I can’t find them at TJ Maxx anymore. The layout is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply! It’s from ! I looked and they don’t have actual planners anymore, but they’ve got a ton of journals and things! Hopefully you can find something that works. 🙂