Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Dreams On Hold

This post is inspired by a few that I’ve read recently from other bloggers. I’ve read some stories of how they’re starting new businesses or finally following their lifelong dreams to become this or create that.

It’s so easy to find that creativity and inspiration when you’re in the blogging world, because that’s the kind of people bloggers are. I mean, none of them would have a blog if they didn’t sit down one day, take the time to figure out how to buy a domain name and take nice pictures and use a little coding and research other bloggers, if they didn’t have that drive in them.

Beyond that, even, you see so many bloggers and other creative-media types (like YouTubers) who are using their platforms and starting clothing lines, writing books, etc…

Anyway, I’m digressing, but I swear I have a point.

I used to be the person who looked at all of these wonderful people online and said to myself, wow now that is how you know you’ve made it. I used to see these people living on their own in LA when they were only twenty or running a successful blog at age twenty-one and wishing I could be them.

How cool would it be to know you’ve done something productive and worthwhile at such a young age, or at all?

I always looked on and admired, dreamed, wished, but I never actually did.

There was always something holding me back. Usually, it was that little voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough to do something like that. I’d never be successful. I wasn’t creative enough. I just didn’t have it in me.

The funny thing is, though, that I did have it in me. Let’s be honest, as soon as that dream pops into your head and becomes a thought, you have it in you, too.

Let me give you some examples…

A little secret about this blog is that it is actually the descendant of two blogs before it. I started out in the blogging world a few years ago, but only now do I actually kind-of know what I’m doing and what I want to write about. If I had never started any blog, I would never have learned as much as I know today.

Go ahead and research as much as you want before you dive into your dream, but the best thing you can do is take the dive. THAT is where you’re going to learn the most. No matter how prepared you think you are at the beginning, you’re always going to look back and laugh at that.

I see that in photographs I’ve taken a few years ago vs. those I take now…

Before Picture//The Blithesome Brunette

Before: I believe this picture was taken almost two years ago. In that amount of time, I’ve learned so much. You can see how her face isn’t really in focus and the colors are super blah. Plus, who makes their model poke their head out from behind a tree and be serious about it!? Answer: me two years ago. I did not know how pose my models.

After//The Blithesome Brunette

After: This is from a photoshoot I literally did yesterday. I am in love with the colors of the shirt and the wall together plus the way he’s posed! Plus, vignettes are kind of my favorite thing when you use them correctly. Progress people, progress.

I see that same growth in my first blog and the one I own now…

Before//The Blithesome Brunette

Before: This old blog is CRINGE-WORTHY. The name was super hard to remember how to spell. I talked about fashion at the Grammy’s even though I know I looked up all of that information because I know almost nothing about fashion. I still have no idea who Michael Costello is. Not to mention the fact that I had absolutely no angle to what I was posting or the fact that there’s no pages except the one with the posts on it.

(P.S. It’s still up if you guys can figure out how to spell the name & want to have a good laugh.)

After//The Blithesome Brunette

After: I’m not even sure I really need to post this, because you guys are clearly already on my current blog, but… for the comparison!

My point is look how much progress I’ve made in my endeavors. I literally started from the bottom and grew from there. Don’t be afraid of not knowing anything at first, because you learn.

I know I’m doing a lot of rambling today, but GUYS! Just go for it. If you’re debating on starting something new or just going after a dream, do it. The only thing really stopping you is you.

All those people in the world that run companies or created some cool new app were you once, but they didn’t let the fear or ridicule stop them. And guess what? Because they were once you, that means you’ve also got that same initiative in you that they all have.

You all have initiative, but are you going to use it?

What new endeavors are you guys embarking on!? Let’s talk below,

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