My Travel Bag Essentials

Raise your cyber-hand if you’ve ever been on a cross-country road trip with your entire family, packed into one car. Now, keep your hand raised if you remember it being a total gross, nightmarish experience, especially if brothers were involved.

Personally, I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, screaming, sweat beating down face & back, because I just had a terrible dream about a old family road trip.

Okay…you got me. Maybe that doesn’t actually happen, but it’s definitely not something I look back on & smile about. I remember the days of packing five people into a car (one time there was seven, when we had two foster sisters living with us), trying to squeeze in between suitcases and pool noodles. There wasn’t room to move around or be remotely comfortable and it was inevitable that the car would be littered with half-eaten food and wrappers from candy by the end of the drive. Between my brothers (and I, oops), there was always constant bickering about who had more room or who sat where. On top of all that, I never brought everything I needed in my purse, so it would be packed away in a suitcase somewhere in the trunk; unreachable.

Although the vacations were always fun, getting there & back was not. That’s why, when I learned we’d be road tripping down to Alabama (as opposed to flying) for my uncle’s wedding, I…

A. secured a spot in my grandparent’s new, spacious mini van so that I wouldn’t be cramped in with my brothers & wouldn’t have to deal with constant arguments, and….

B. decided I needed to make a list of what to bring in my purse, so that I never had to sit there without headphones or a book, ever again.

That, my friends, is how this post came to be. I thought it would be fun to scour the internet for my items, as opposed to showing you pictures of my twisted, broken headphones & slowly-decaying purse. Although, it’s important to note that I do bring each & every one of these things, just maybe not the ones shown below.

I’ve kindly included links to where you can find almost each item as well, in case you’re in a similar predicament this summer. (That doesn’t include the basic items you can find anywhere!)


Travel Bag Essentials//The Blithesome Brunette

Kate Spade Travel Bag//Kate Spade Wallet//Harry Potter Book//Marble-Styled Journal//Pilot G2 Pens//Headphones//iPhone//Macbook Air//Face Wipes//Sunglasses//Portable Charger//Hand Lotion//Water Bottle



From the items above, what’s your favorite travel essential?

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