8 Pinterest-Worthy Quotes for Twenty-Somethings

I’ve done a lot of scrolling through Pinterest in my day & have come across a plethora (yay for big words that I hope I’m using correctly…) of great quotes. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. All of these quotes are things that are applicable to me (aka a twenty-something). They’re also yours to download/save/pin/share as you wish, so I tried to make them as cute as possible!


"True humility..." -C.S. Lewis //The Blithesome Brunette

"The doubters are just..." -Atticus Finch, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' //The Blithesome Brunette

"What makes you different..." -Meryl Streep //The Blithesome Brunette

There are two ways to get enough..." -G.K. Chesterton //The Blithesome Brunette

"I never look back, darling..." -Edna Mode, 'The Incredibles' //The Blithesome Brunette

"Girls should never be afraid..." -Emma Watson //The Blithesome Brunette

"Kindness is a language..." -Mark Twain //The Blithesome Brunette

"Have you prayed about it..." -Matthew 21:22 //The Blithesome Brunette



What are your favorites quotes that I missed? Comment below or share a Pinterest link,

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