Ultimate Holiday Travel Style Guide

Imagine. You’re sitting on your computer, scrolling through Instagram, watching a Kardashian video even though you swear you don’t like them, a half-eaten chocolate bar sits next to you. And you realize; it’s the middle of December.

You’re leaving for vacation in a week and a half. You haven’t been working out like you vowed you would. The exact opposite, actually. More importantly, you’ve got nothing to wear…and no idea what to even look for.

For too many, that is a legitimate fear today.

Today, I looked at the calendar and realize I’ve got way too much to do before I leave for vacation, and no time to do it. As I started trying to decide what to wear, I thought maybe it would be a fun thing to share on my blog as well.

So, I’ve put together some outfits that I would wear while traveling. This is one of the most important things for me, because I want to look cute, but still be extremely comfortable!




||jacket here||scarf here||

As it’s extremely cold in Michigan in the winter (and so snowy), a thick winter coat & scarf is essential for me. It’s something you can throw on with any outfit, and still look classy. Especially with this hood!


Look One

||shirt here||jeans here||shoes here||

I love how adorable, yet super-cozy this look is. It’s probably closest to what I’ll be wearing on my flight over break! I mean, the shirt is basically a blanket and tennis shoes are always the best option. Always and in all ways.


Look Two

||jacket here||leggings here||shoes here||

This is what I call the real use for gym clothes. They always make you look adorable, sporty & put-together when you’re on the go. It’s perfect.


Look Three

||sweatshirt here||jeans here||shoes here||

My favorite thing about this outfit is the sweatshirt…is there any way you wouldn’t be cozy wearing this? Plus, the shoes are fashionable and perfect for travel.

Look Four

||sweater here||leggings here||shoes here||

Okay. Yes. Best one for last. Nordstrom Rack is having a shoe-sale right now and I love the shoes they carry and I just got so excited and this sentence is way too long. But honestly, you can never go wrong with a pair of nude flats. They’re perfect for any occasion. Yes, even traveling.

Look out for more travel-themed posts coming soon.



Comment below which outfit is your favorite, or what YOU like to wear while traveling,

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  • These are cute outfit ideas! Great for traveling for sure 🙂


    • Amanda Kristine

      Thank you! Definitely. 🙂

  • These outfits look so comfortable!!! And cute as well-a combination which I find so hard. Great post!

    • Amanda Kristine

      Thank you!!