Holland, Michigan (Part Two)

My dear readers…hello. Hi. Hey. What’s up? How are you? It’s been quite a minute. I won’t spend time explaining today (we can put that in another blog, hint hint), but I did want to share somewhere I traveled this past weekend.

My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel to Holland, Michigan (something that YES, we did LAST YEAR). This time, we got to visit during their annual Tulip Festival. Basically, it’s when this town celebrates their Dutch heritage and all the pretty tulips that bloom.

I made sure to take a few shots while I was there & tried a new editing technique on some of them.

We started at the beach, but were blown away by how windy it was. Fail one of the day. At least it resulted in a few nice pictures.

After our ugly-face photoshoot (the rest of the pictures will remain hidden for obvious reasons), we headed to find downtown Holland. I think that as soon as we got there, we both realized it was going to be insane. It was me yelling directions at Jack and him yelling complaints about the traffic back at me. Both in good humor, of course.

It took forever, but we finally found the little peninsula where the tulips grew. After paying too much money to get in, we finally got to see what we came for. We came. We snapped pictures. And we  left ready to never return.

If anyone has the opportunity to go to this festival, don’t. Neither of us thought it was worth the money. It was beautiful to see, but was nothing like we thought. There were some over-priced gift shops, an over-priced craft show, and two fields of tulips that weren’t even as big as we were hoping.

Yes, there was an awesome huge windmill there, but the line to climb up it was insane.

I was super excited about some of the tulip-shots I got, though. These are my favorite kinds of pictures to print and frame! (Please don’t use any of these photos for personal/commercial reasons.)


I look forward to getting back on track with blogging, now that it’s summer again! Love,

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