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We Are Called to Fight Against Hate

Personally,  I’ve tried to sway away from talking about all things political, because that isn’t what I want this specific blog to turn into. However, I think there are a few times & moments in life when things can’t be avoided, and this is one of them. (And one more is scheduled to come up … Read More

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Why I Blog + My Story

Today was one of those days when I could not figure out what I wanted to write about! I had a million ideas, but none of them sounded exciting enough for me to type up today. Finally, though, I came up with one that I knew I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been blogging for almost a year and … Read More

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What to do When Life Stops You + Other Advice

That time in your life when you’ve just graduated college and you’re suddenly left wondering what’s next is a whirlwind. And it’s the craziest part of my life so far. Alright. First and foremost, I’ve been trying to pass a speaking exam that I need in order to move onto my teaching internship year. I … Read More

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How I Dealt with my Boyfriend Starting Medical School

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite posts to write are the ones where I get to share some advice or story that I’ve learned in my own life. Plus, they tend to do the best too. (Win-win!? I think so.) This one just so happens to be about my favorite person on the face of this … Read More

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Five Things to Do When You’re Stressed

Honestly, if you ask anyone who’s super close to me, they’ll tell you I don’t handle my stress very well. And they’ll probably also wonder why the heck I’m writing a post about how to deal with it, because I’m definitely not a “poster-child” for overcoming it. However, now that I’ve officially scared you away … Read More

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On Graduating College

As this semester has continued on, rather quickly I might add, one thing always remains in the back of my mind: this is my last real semester of college. I graduate in a couple of months. This chapter of my life is ending, and soon. I say this every semester, but this semester has truly … Read More

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