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Ultimate Holiday Travel Style Guide

Imagine. You’re sitting on your computer, scrolling through Instagram, watching a Kardashian video even though you swear you don’t like them, a half-eaten chocolate bar sits next to you. And you realize; it’s the middle of December. You’re leaving for vacation in a week and a half. You haven’t been working out like you vowed … Read More

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5 Etsy Gifts for Men

Blogmas Day Three!   Hi lovely readers, today I’ve continued my little Etsy-Series! I found a few gifts for guys that I LOVE. They have some of the classiest, prettiest things on this website and, as you might know, I’m obsessed. I’ve linked the picture below, so check them all out. I’ve finally gotten back … Read More

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Five Cute, Christmas Wallpapers

Blogmas Day Two!   I had so much fun playing around with photoshop & doing some simple things! The outcome was some fun holiday wallpapers you can use as a background on your computer! The dimensions fit a macbook screen perfectly, but it will work with any screen size! Simply right click on the picture … Read More

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8 Pinterest-Worthy Quotes for Twenty-Somethings

I’ve done a lot of scrolling through Pinterest in my day & have come across a plethora (yay for big words that I hope I’m using correctly…) of great quotes. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. All of these quotes are things that are applicable to me (aka a twenty-something). They’re also yours to … Read More

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A College-Appropriate Clothing Haul

So yes, this post came just in time for the school year (I know, you’re welcome.) I love fashion and shopping (what girl doesn’t!?) and I was super lucky recently to have extra spending money to get some things! I decided to do a mini try-on haul for you all, and of course it’s perfect for … Read More

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How I Organize My Planner: Simple Style

One of the things I’ve really gotten into this past year has been writing my life out in a planner. It’s so much easier to see what your schedule is going to look like during a certain week, or to remember what you have to get done! Although I don’t plan everything down to the … Read More

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