What to do When Life Stops You + Other Advice

That time in your life when you’ve just graduated college and you’re suddenly left wondering what’s next is a whirlwind. And it’s the craziest part of my life so far. Alright. First and foremost, I’ve been trying to pass a speaking exam that I need in order to move onto my teaching internship year. I … Read More

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How I Read the Bible & Pray

The other day, I had a meeting for my job (I work with the Catholic church near my school) and our director said something that stuck with me. She said that one of the biggest reasons why people walk away from the faith is that they don’t grow out of their second or eight grade … Read More

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Clarity-Beyond-Doubt Moments

I recently went to a weekend retreat through the church that I go to. The main focus was to learn ways that God is talking to you and how to interpret it all. I literally took pages and pages of notes that weekend. My hand and head hurt so badly, but it was worth it. … Read More

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Our New Year’s Resolutions

About a month ago, I wrote a post called My 2017 Resolutions. I listed ones I’d made for 2016, and whether or not I accomplished them, and then made a new list for this year. All of the things on that list were things I wanted to do to make myself better. Healthier. Happier. Smarter. … Read More

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Common Criticisms about Christianity/Catholicism

Blogmas Day Four!     Dear lovely blog readers, Today’s blog was supposed to be about the meaning of Lent. I wanted to write a comprehensive post so that not only could you all learn more, but so could I! I therefore went perusing along on Pinterest, looking for some pretty explanations so that I … Read More

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Advent Prayer Calendar 2016

Blogmas Day One!¬† I thought it was important to start out with something Advent-themed. So, I made this simple calendar that you can print out (yay!) and mark off each day!¬†Every day has a different theme to pray about, in addition to whatever you normally do! Because the idea of Advent is becoming closer to … Read More

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