All About Ryanair + My Experiences

One thing that I used a ton in Europe was Ryanair. As you may know, Ryanair is an airline company that originates in Ireland, but goes all over Europe. It’s cheap, easy to use & gets you from A-B. If I had to compare it to something in the States, I might say it’s on … Read More

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Holland, Michigan (Part Two)

My dear readers…hello. Hi. Hey. What’s up? How are you? It’s been quite a minute. I won’t spend time explaining today (we can put that in another blog, hint hint), but I did want to share somewhere I traveled this past weekend. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel to Holland, Michigan (something … Read More

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How I Do My Travel Photography

This post contains Affiliate Links. One of my favorite types of videos to watch on YouTube is when people share their secrets of what equipment they use to film or take photos. Although most of it’s way more expensive than I can ever afford…sadly. However, it’s so fun to see how people get those images or … Read More

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