• girl finding her gym motivation

    How I Found My Gym Motivation

    Let’s take it back to high school for a minute, during the days when I could eat 3 delicious, warm, gooey cookies from the caf every day—and it wouldn’t make any difference. Plus, being on the swim team kept me in shape without me having to go out of my way and and find that pesky, annoying gym motivation. Fitness and health in high school were easy; I never had to think about them. Now, it’s the complete opposite. Life’s busy no matter who you are or what career goals you’re currently accomplishing. It’s beyond difficult to find a type of fitness you love, but sticking to it is another…

  • take a break
    Faith,  Life

    Why You Need to Take a Break from the Internet–Soon

    A while back, I decided I needed to take a break from life online. Specifically, that meant Instagram and my blog. I was truly reaching the point of exhaustion trying to always be relevant, available and excited to post every single day. All of those things are doable and fun, but when you push yourself to be surrounded by them non-stop, it’s going to ruin you quickly. And I think it almost did for me. For a long time, I couldn’t figure out why I honestly felt like I was going to have a panic attack every time I logged onto WordPress and pass out if I had to take…

  • girl wondering what is a vocation
    Catholic Q&A's

    What Is A “Vocation” and Why Is It Important?

    About a year ago, I went on a retreat that sought to answer the questions; What is a vocation? and Why is it important? Going into it, I definitely expected the weekend to be an infomercial as to why I should dump my boyfriend, throw away college and become a nun. However, the holy spirit brought me there for a completely different reason. He wanted to de-bunk that myth for me, which is exactly what I’ll be doing for you today. First, though, let me give a bit of an intro.   Today’s blog marks the first of what I hope will be an awesome new series. I find that…