A Mini Devotional

To me, this week’s homily was a great one, because it included the infamous bible passage about a mustard seed.

And the Lord answered, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you. Luke 17:6

So many times, I catch myself asking for more faith, because what I have already doesn’t seem strong enough. It doesn’t seem strong enough to make me pray every night or forgive everyone who does me wrong or to always do the right thing. I find myself often wondering what life would be like if I had as much faith as the Pope. Then, I would be set. Then, I would be able to do everything I have do and need to do as a Christian. Then, I would be guaranteed a spot right next to God in Heaven one day.

However, this bible passage is saying we need to stop thinking that way. Stop asking for more faith, and realize that it’s already inside of you. I have the capacity to be as great as Mother Teresa was and I don’t even realize it.

Faith isn’t measured in quantity, but in how you use it. It’s always there and it isn’t a matter of God gracing you with more of it. With even a small amount of faith, you can do anything.

Have you ever heard the saying: being a Christian means walking by faith, and not by sight? It’s so important to us, because it’s the basis of believing in God. We believe that there is something more out there, something more than this world and the physical objects in it. How can we hold this belief? Faith. It just takes a little faith.

We can’t understand everything in this world, and oftentimes we don’t understand the why, but that’s okay. One day, this life will make complete sense and that’s what keeps our religion strong.

As the priest said today, our lives are not our own, they’re God’s. Accepting this fact is faith. And what a great gift it is to have faith to believe in something like that.

We have all of the faith we need, we just need to use it. Whether it be in something small like praying during the day or something bigger like changing the way we live.


Take this week to look at your life and where you’ve been selling yourself short. Remembering that through God you can do anything and everything, what is something you can improve or go for this week?

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