Advice from a College Senior

Alright, yes. I’m sad (and extremely sappy) tonight!

Sitting here in my bed, it’s so hard to believe that I’ve been through three entire years at my college already. I remember the nights back in middle school when I dreamt of coming here and all those times in high school that I tried to plan out exactly what I’d be doing here.

Spoiler alert! Nothing turned out like I planned, but I’m so thankful for that.

It’s crazy; I spent so much time wishing and waiting for my college days to come, and then suddenly they’ve almost passed me by. We spend our whole lives hearing that, but it’s true.

It’s especially the truth in college, when you’ve only got four year to make the best of it. If that.

So, from a (*brushes invisible dirt off my shoulder*) seasoned college professional to the rest of you, take this advice to heart.

* Wait until after classes start to buy your books.
* Join a club your first year.
* Be more outgoing than you might normally be. Everyone is in the same shoes is you, and it only takes one person to change that.
* Designate one pair of cheap, cute shoes as your going-out shoes.
* ^Make sure those shoes are comfortable.
* Don’t feel bad if you don’t pick a major the first year. Or second.
* Buy the drunk food at two a.m. with your last ten dollars.
* Buy the pizza during finals week.
* Always buy the food.
* Take advantage of all the freebies. (T-shirts, concerts, counseling services, etc…)
* Go out to that party. Besides the next day, you’ll never regret it.
* Take time to make genuine friends.
* Always trust your gut feeling, whether it be with guys, friends, joining an organization or something else.
* Don’t be afraid to pray.
* Don’t be afraid to go to church.
* Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
* ^Don’t regret those mistakes.
* Find one sport to root for on campus.
* Don’t settle for less than you deserve when it comes to guys and dating.
* ^Or anything, for that matter.
* Work harder than you ever have.
* Save what money you can, you’ll need it later.
* Find a part-time job you love.
* Study. Abroad.
* Get involved in your major, beyond just classes.
* Put 110% into whatever it is you choose to pursue. Make the most of your money.
* Appreciate the movie-nights-in with your roommates, or even just the random chats.
* Call your parents. And your grandparents.
* Open your first bank account & debit card.
* Constantly do things that scare you, because it’s the best way to learn.
* Be nice to everyone, you never know who will help you later on.
* ^Also, be nice to everyone because it’s the Christian thing to do.
* Walk to class as much as you take the bus or drive, if not more.
* Trust that God knows exactly what He’s doing.


What piece of advice hit you the hardest? Leave a comment below,

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