Hearing God’s Voice

Yesterday in church, the responsorial psalm really made me think.

The psalm,

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts,”

is something I’ve heard once or twice. However, I’ve never really thought about what it’s saying.
When God is speaking to me, do I listen and say yes? Or, do I ignore him?

I had to start my answer with defining what it means for God to speak to me. At first glance, it seems to be saying if God ever physically appeared in front of you and said hello. However, because I know that probably won’t ever happen in this life, God speaks to us in a ton of ways other than this. Although we can’t physically see him, we can still hear His messages to us.

God speaks to us in prayer, if we listen closely. He speaks to us in our gut and conscience when we’re trying to make a decision. He speaks to us through little coincidences, like seeing a billboard that has writing that seems to be speaking directly to you. He speaks to us through others, like when our parents are giving us another annoying lecture about how to act or when we have to be home that night. He even speaks to us in those little feelings we get to go and do something, like every Sunday when you just want to sleep in, but know there’s something calling you to church. That’s all God.

Sometimes, He works through other people or things around us, and so many times it’s so easy to not realize He’s trying to send us a message if we don’t pay attention.

There are times, though, when I know in my gut that He’s trying to talk to me. Sometimes, I just brush it off because it’s so much easier to ignore it than to actually listen. And that, everyone, is hardening your heart. It’s exactly what I’m being told not to do.

For example, say I’m mad at someone and I just want to say something mean to them. So, instead of taking the high road, as God is calling me to do, I give in and say something I may not be able to take back. In that instance, I hardened my heart and turned away from God.

Or, maybe I want to give into a sin one day, because once again it seems like the easier thing to do. It seems more appealing. There’s that voice in the back of my mind telling me not to, but I do it anyway. God spoke to me and I hardened my heart.

Maybe it’s even just that God is calling me to do more with my faith, but I don’t want to. It could be that I’m scared or think I don’t have time for it or that I think I’m not that great of a person, but I hardened my heart.

Instead of all those excuses I give, I should be saying yes, Lord. Think of how great this world would be if we actually listened a little more when God spoke to us.

So, take the higher road. Do the harder thing. It will be worth it in the end. Click To Tweet


What can you do this week to not harden your heart toward God? And when do you feel Him talking to you!?

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