How to Reconnect with God

Today’s post is something a little more somber and serious than what I’ve posted recently. I created this blog to have fun, but also to get real, and today that is what I plan to do.

Have you ever noticed that people don’t like to talk about the times when they don’t feel very connected to God?

The funny thing is, this is something we all go through from time to time, and it’s so important to talk about. It’s normal to not always feel 100% connected to God.

Nowadays, it’s even harder to stay on track when everything around you is telling you not to. The internet seems to be very anti-God/anti-religion and it’s not hard to run across something a non-believer posted.

Let’s be real, they make some great arguments and sometimes those can get into your head. (I know I’ve been through that!) When everything around you is trying to show you physical evidence that God doesn’t exist, you need to remember that God is beyond that. He reaches into the parts of this world that sometimes we can’t see, but we can feel. We know He exists because we can feel Him and we see His work in others.

But… what can we do to actually get that connection back?

One thing I love to do if I’m ever feeling distant from my faith is to look at others. There is so much hidden beauty in each person. It’s honestly as simple as the fact that my best friend buys me chocolate bars because she knows I love them or my Grandma slipping me twenty dollars just because she loves me or the feeling you get when you are having a great day with your friends and never want it to end.

The common theme in all of those things is love. And guess who puts it there? God. Remember, all good things come from God.

Going to church and confession are also major influencers. When you confess your sins to the Lord and ask for forgiveness (and know He’s giving it to you), there’s no better feeling. You get a clean slate!

When you add church into that mix, you can’t lose. Receiving the host every Sunday is so fulfilling. You’re literally coming into contact with the Lord.

You’d also be surprised how many people around you have been touched by the Lord in some way. Reach out to those around you and talk to them about God. There are some blessed people out there that are truly inspirational to talk to.

Sometimes, all you need is to see that love of God through someone else’s eyes. (This could even mean watching a Testimony video on YouTube.) One conversation can change your entire perspective.

Also, read the Bible. It is of utmost importance in our lives. Whenever we feel disconnected, we can read the words of Jesus. He’s talking to us, guys. Through a book. How crazy and amazing is that?

There is a passage for anything you’re going through in there. Jesus knew we would encounter the issues we’re encountering today, and its like he left us a guidebook to help us through.

Here is a wonderful one:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” ~ John 3:16, KJV

Beyond all of that, there’s one thing that brings us back to the Lord more than anything else: prayer. Pray when you’re distressed and give yourself up to the Lord. If we want to find ourselves, we first have to lose ourselves.

In conclusion, guys, don’t worry if you feel disconnected. It’s normal and it’s okay. The important thing is that you’re trying to be the best version of yourself for God, every day.

Do you guys have a favorite way to get back in touch with God? Share it below for everyone else,

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