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Lately, there’s been so much going on in life. Between school, holidays, working and preparing to graduate in the spring, it really hasn’t left much (if any) time for me to really focus on what I should be. It’s been a huge ball of stress that was just thrown straight at me, and I didn’t have time to dodge it. However, I thought it was so important to set aside some time tonight to just talk about something very big for me: love. I believe God put us on this earth to do that, and that we will all find someone, maybe more than once in a lifetime, that we love unconditionally (besides God!) The best part is that, if you’re very lucky, you will find that love is reflected back at you as well.

The coolest thing about blogging is that it really is just a glorified diary, and I think we don’t treat it as that enough. Blogging is unlike anything else, because we have the chance to communicate with people we’d never know normally, and talk about intimate things that matter to us. For example, love. (Wow, look at that smooth-transition work.)

This idea was brought about because I was watching Jessi Smiles’ newest YouTube video, and it made me incredibly happy. If you wanna be happy too, watch it and then come back to this.



Love is something we all search for and secretly hope for until one day, when we aren’t paying attention, and finally it finds us. That’s the irony, right? That it always comes when we aren’t looking.

People spend so much time swiping right and left on Tinder, searching through Facebook profiles, keeping their eyes open every time they’re out doing something…always just looking for love. Rarely does it ever work that easily!

Personally, I met my boyfriend at a country-music bar. He doesn’t even like country music. I was sick out of my mind and almost didn’t go. He somehow noticed me with all the other girls around. I was lucky and got in with a fake. Ahh, little-me was risky! Anyway, my point is that so many things had to come together for that moment to happen and so many things almost didn’t. Love is sneaky like that.

I read a book once called “When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence”.

It was a gift from a family member, and is still one of my favorites today. It’s about all these things we spend our time worrying about in life, but somehow they always come together. Sometimes, it’s in a super weird, unexpected way. Sometimes, we don’t even think about it. They’re little miracles.

Things somehow come together in a way that fits perfectly and makes complete sense looking back, but make no sense at the time. That’s when God is winking at you. He sees you worrying and He just smiles, because He’s got a plan!

If you want a book that you can skip around in and will make you constantly smile, read it. I highly recommend it.

Meeting my boyfriend was God winking at us. When you find your other-half, it’s God winking at you, too.



One of my favorite bible verses summarizes perfectly what I believe love is, once you’ve found it.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. Keeps no records of wrongs. Does not delight in evil. Rejoices with the truth. Always protects. Always trusts. Always hopes. Always perseveres. Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4, 7-8

What a beautiful definition of the concept. Although it’s something different to each of us, doesn’t this capture the essence of it? Love is patient. Love is kind.

The only two perfect and pure things in this world are God and love. It just makes sense that they’re also one-in-the-same.



So, what does this look like in a relationship?

Honestly, that could have so many answers. Maybe it’s choosing not to fight and instead talk something out. Maybe it’s respecting when your SO needs space. Maybe it’s giving them a hug. Maybe it’s not giving up, even when the two of you are struggling immensely (which you will). Maybe it’s forgiving them and moving past something that you’ve been stuck on. Maybe it’s realizing that you can love and care for someone more than yourself. Maybe it’s seeing all those adorable couples on Instagram, but choosing not to envy them because you have something just as beautiful to admire.

I believe that love really does change a person, which is why it’s such a treasured thing. People will do things for love that they would never do normally.

I see that with myself, even after two years! I still go way out of my way, each night, to talk to my boyfriend on the phone (we don’t get to see each other a ton). I would sacrifice Amazon-prime-tv-watching for this boy. Who would’ve thought?

The most amazing part about love is the phrase, “you know when you know.”

Yes, I know you’re currently thinking…Ugh. I’ve heard that a million times.

It’s so true, though!

Personally, I can look at my boyfriend and this phrase just floats right into my head, every time. When I look at him, I see my future. I see someone who’s always going to be there for me, even when I need to tell him things I’ve never told anyone else. Especially then. I see someone who’s always willing to cuddle. I see someone who has the same sense of insanely-lame humor as I do. I see someone that I can say anything, and I mean anything to. I see someone who challenges me daily and who I can have intelligent conversations with. I see someone I can disagree with. I see someone that I know loves me, even though he might not be saying it at that second.

You can’t exactly describe that phrase for a reason, because it’s so many things. It’s different for everyone, in each relationship.

My advice to you all is to wait for this. Pray for this. Want this. If you have it now, cherish it. Be thankful for it. Pray about it. Love is such an incredible thing, and one of the truest gifts from God.

Maybe, you aren’t even thinking about the kind of love that’s found in a true relationship. Even if it’s just the kind of love you have for your family or your fuzzy little dog, it’s still just as wonderful.

Just don’t forget to…

love love.


What is love to you guys!? I challenge you to leave a one-sentence answer below,

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