Our New Years’ Resolutions

During New Years, I went over my resolutions for the year. I listed ones I’d made for 2016, and whether or not I accomplished them, and then made a new list for this year.

All of the things on that list were things I wanted to do to make myself better. Healthier. Happier. Smarter. More travelled.

It’s such a common thing to see those around you making goals for the new year, things they want to improve. Things they want to change. And it’s wonderful to always want to be making yourself a better person.

The thing we don’t think about, though, is the reason behind our goals.

Why do we want to do these things?

I’m not sure how many of you know of this wonderful website, but something I read constantly is Blessed Is She. This website is created for women of God. It gives you a daily devotional, written by one of the women in the community, and they always make me think. I sincerely recommend checking them out, what they’re doing for this community is amazing.

One of the devotionals they posted recently talked about these resolutions they make each year. One of my favorite lines from the devotional was:

It’s a good reminder to consider the motivation behind our goals—to reflect on whether they are rooted in giving glory to God’s truth, or in catering to the world’s “standards,” built on Satan’s deceptions and lies.

So again, I ask you all, why do you have the resolutions that you have?

Do you want to become more fit because you’ll be liked by more people, or is it to actually take care of your body?

Do you want to travel more because you think it’ll make you cooler and that others will be jealous of you, or is it because you feel called to see & appreciate this beautiful world that God created for us?

Personally, I took a step back after thinking about that and reevaluated. Was I making resolutions for the right reasons? Who cared if my hair was longer or shorter? Would that help me grow closer to God? What would that really do improve myself in the long run?

It’s great that we have one day a year where we take a step back and look at what we’ve been accomplishing and reevaluate it. It’s important to stay on top of who we are becoming, and why. But we need to make sure we’ve got the right motivation behind it.

God is the reason why we’re here. We need to making sure we’re cherishing and respecting that, above all else.

If you’d like to read the devotional, click here!



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