Why Living in the Moment is So Important

Personally, living in the present is so hard for me to do. I have such a hard time not looking back at the past and not anxiously awaiting what will be. I think we all can admit it’s a really easy mindset to get stuck in. However, it’s not a good one.

There’s so many instances where we all wish we could re-live the past. Maybe we’ve hurt someone. Maybe we had the best time of our life with someone who decided to leave. Maybe those last few years seemed so much more fun than now. Maybe we wish we were younger with less responsibility. You could honestly go on like that forever. The past, though, can be an illusion. We need to remember that things aren’t always as great as they seem to be.

That happiness you remember with the person you used to date could have been real. However, we tend to forget the sadness & heartbreak that came with it, and ultimately the reason why it had to end. This can be said for so many things. We see them as better than they were. I love the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side,” because it is.

This doesn’t just apply to the past, but the future as well. We look at the future as this bright cloud of amazing things to come, and we’re always waiting, hoping for it. This can be a good thing, because so many times the future can be better than the past or the present, even if they were both good.

However, when we do this, our mindset is always focused on something other than the present.
We’re constantly waiting for the next big charade and when that comes, we don’t appreciate it enough. It’s already onto the next thing and the next and the next.

I like to the think of the song “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins because he’s right, you will. If you keep waiting for the next adventure, you’re going to rush the present and miss it.

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What is around us now is what should be focused on. There will never be another now quite like this. Don’t throw it away just because you’re waiting for something better or reminiscing in the past.

The unique thing about keeping your mindset in the present is that this is the only time you get to actively construct your life. Memories and dreams are things you don’t really get to physically build.

The present, however, you do. You can be making your life into what you want it to be. Instead of sitting there on your phone dreaming, you can be doing something.

At the same time, you’re alive right now. You’re a living and breathing person. Take in every moment of that, even if it seems mundane. Beauty is everywhere and you, being a person, have the chance to experience it at any time. Sure, you can retreat to the past or future, but that’s always going to be in your head.

We are never promised a tomorrow. Why you wouldn’t go out there and see the beautiful world around you, and honestly live your life to the fullest, is beyond me. If you have something you always said you were going to do, what in the world is stopping you? What a better time than now?

If you have something you always said you were going to do, what in the world is stopping you? What a better time than now?

When we don’t focus on “the now,” we become ghosts of people that we could be. The potential is lost in ourselves.

So, fellow humans, today my advice to you is to take a step back. Think about where your mind is at right now. Then, appreciate this Earth that God gave to you. There’s nothing like it & no reason to waste it. What are you thankful for today?

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