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I’ve heard a ton about affiliate marketing, and how great it can be for bloggers. Lately, I’ve been a bit skeptical, because I’ve seen so many people who will support products that have nothing to do with what they write about. However, I’ve also found bloggers who use affiliates in a manner that makes sense for their brand. They showcase things that they truly believe will be of use to their readers. This is something I can get behind, because it’s a win-win situation to me.

Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorites so far (although I’m still looking around and experimenting). My hope is that any fellow bloggers can get inspired to use Affiliate Marketing too & we can swap ideas around, in the comments!

(As you may have guessed, almost all links you may click on on this page are sponsored.)



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I’ve been working with this company for the longest (only a few months) and need to start using it more! This program is great if you want to list a few products you love (ex: my shop page). As you all know, Amazon has basically any product you could ask for. Plus, they’re cheap and if you have Prime, contain free shipping!
You can see how many people click on the links you’re posting and how many people buy each product. I’ve only had one person actually buy a product I’ve linked so far. Yes, I did make money off of it. No, it was not anything special. I have, though, had a ton of clicks so far and that’s a great start for me.
Cool Promotions



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I’ve heard a ton about this website, all over. However, I have no idea how to actually use it yet. This would be the one I’d say I’m extremely confused about, but still have a hope that I can figure it all out. From what I’ve gathered, you look through a list of programs and see what ones you’d like to partner with. You send them a short message saying why you’d want to be an affiliate with them, and they either accept or deny you.

I haven’t had anyone deny me yet!

Then, you have access to their banners and promotional links, to advertise their products. I haven’t been able to figure out where all of the links are located yet, though, and what each specific program offers. When I do, I’ll be sure to report back.

Sign up by click the picture below! It costs you $5, but you get that back with your first payment.



Sign Up Here! (Not a promotion.)
I just joined this program a few days ago! I like SiteGround, because it’s a cheap & easy-to-use host for websites. Plus, I like that they advertise that you won’t be getting hacked with them. I know how that feels, and it would be wonderful not to have to go through it again.
Guys, they have a deal going now where it’s only $5.95 per month, for a self-hosted plan. Can I just say that that’s far cheaper than what I pay with HostGator? Need to switch, pronto.
You can sign up for an account here:



Guys, this is awesome, but I’ve figured out that basically any site you use can be turned into an affiliate. You refer someone, they purchase/sign up for the product, and you receive money in return. It’s awesome and blogging is a great way to do that, if you’re using it properly. Here are some of the ones I’ll be trying to add into some posts:

  • Swagbucks
  • Fiverr -Just a note. I love this website because if you’ve ever messed anything up on your WordPress or any similar website (ME!!!!), you can pay someone to fix it for you/help you learn what you did wrong. This website is full of people who know coding and all of those huge, weird words you’ve never heard of before. They also do a ton more.
  • Paypal
  • AirBnB

Although those programs above are all awesome, let me tell you what Affiliate Marketing is not, guys. It is not something you should ever use with the wrong intentions. Don’t just link a ton of affiliates that have nothing to do with what you blog about, and don’t bombard your readers with ads all over the place. They won’t appreciate it.

The companies you do work with should be something that you love and something you know your readers will love just as much.


Comment below what other affiliate programs you guys love and don’t love. Let start a conversation,

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