Clarity-Beyond-Doubt Moments

I recently went to a weekend retreat through the church that I go to. The main focus was to learn ways that God is talking to you and how to interpret it all. I literally took pages and pages of notes that weekend. My hand and head hurt so badly, but it was worth it.

One of the main takeaways from the weekend was learning about “clarity-beyond-doubt” moments (or CBD’s, as I’ll call them from now on!) These, basically, are times in our life when we feel compelled beyond question to do something, or when we know for certain the answer to a question we’ve been asking.

It could be the moment we figure out our calling in life, or something smaller, like what decision to make about what to do with our summer.

I loved learning about this concept because I realized those were the moments in life when God was really talking to me. He was really telling me what to do, without using any words, and the best part is still being able to understand what He’s saying.

I really wanted to talk about this topic because I think it’s something we can overlook as not being from God. Maybe we think it’s the universe talking to us, or our conscience lining up just right. But it’s a little more than that.

Think about a time when you had one of these moments. Something you’d been worrying about, maybe praying about, was finally clear. It was like something was nudging you that this is the path you need to take. And there’s no question. You just feel at peace with yourself and your new decision.

I can think of a few times I’ve felt this way. The biggest one being what I’m called to do as a career, at least for the time being.

I had known I’d wanted to be a teacher since I’d been in fourth grade. It was a peace that I felt inside of me when I thought about it. I knew I was made for this job, however challenging it may be.

When college hit, however, my world sort-of flipped upside down and teaching seemed so lame. I could find a career where I’d make so much more money. I could do something where I just worked on my computer all day, everyday. There were so many things that were more enticing than teaching. Dealing with parents and bad students and all of the grading…it just sounded sucky. (Which looking at it now, is only sucky if you make it that way.)

Trust me when I say I tried out a little bit of every major. I went through it all. Everything I tried out seemed so awesome, but nothing gave me the peace that I had when I wanted to be a teacher.

One day, I was working at my Supervising job at a cafeteria at school and I was training some new workers. They were younger than me, but still just college-aged. That’s when something hit me and I knew that being a mentor, or a teacher, to older students was what I was meant to do. I’m now about to graduate with a degree in Secondary Education and Spanish!

Ever since the day I changed my major to Secondary Ed, I’ve never regretted it. In fact, the more I learn, the more I love it. Something about this career path makes me excited and happy. I know it’s a job where I won’t “work” a day in my life.

I can’t say if I’ll be a teacher for my entire life (I wouldn’t mind being a blogger or a YouTuber). I do know, though, that I’m going to be doing something I love with my entire heart, and more importantly, doing the Lord’s work every day. I love the fact that none of us would be where we are today without teachers. That is all the reassurance I need.

The biggest thing I can say about these CBD moments is that they come with peace. You won’t feel any confusion or pressure when a feeling like this enters your heart. Don’t run from it.

The next time you experience a moment this strong, don’t discount for anything less than it is. It’s the Holy Spirit sending us a clear and direct message. God almost never directly talks to us in the way we talk to other humans, and so we need to be open and ready for the times when He’s using his way of contacting us.

He’s always there, we just need to know how to listen. Love,

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