Dear Millennials, Here’s a Reminder:

Today, I got home from class and was in such a bad mood. I dropped my phone on the floor, and it cracked even more than it already was. Then, I didn’t have any fajita seasoning left to make fajitas with, after I already thawed my chicken. Then, as I was baking the chicken (that I decided to make instead), I took the pan out of the oven to check on it and burnt my finger. Little things kept happening. Bad things. Things that egged on my mood even more.

Okay yeah…first-world-problems, am I right?! Can you all just take a moment of silence for all of the times you’ve acted like that, too? Cause let’s be honest, I know I’m not alone in this.

In the course of that entire time, I never stood back and thought about the good things that happened while making dinner.

I cracked my phone, yes, but it still works perfectly and I can still see the screen clearly. Even though I couldn’t make fajitas, I still made some delicious chicken that I ate almost all of. Plus, I remembered I had a candy bar in the fridge and ate that too. And, even though my finger was burnt, it didn’t leave a mark and I honestly forgot about it seconds after it happened.

In my fit of rage, I turned on a random YouTube video that was in my feed. (Random Fact: I LOVE YOUTUBE and it’s always on as background noise for me.) As I began to watch the video, I was reminded that even in the worst moments in life, you can find God. He’s in everything and there’s a reason for you being here. And trust me, it’s more important than you think.

I often write my blog posts not for other people, but for myself when I need a reminder about life. They just happen to become blog posts, but I think that sometimes they could be mistaken for pages in a diary.

So, Millennials (AKA myself), don’t forget that life is bigger than this moment you’re in right now. We all have off days and off moments, but those shouldn’t be what defines us. It’s so easy to have one bad thing happen to you, and let it ruin the rest of your day. We forget, though, that God isn’t letting those bad things happen to us so that we can sulk. He’s letting them happen so that we can learn to find the good in life. So that we can appreciate the happiness and blessings we’ve got.

Just like pictures, life needs contrast and perspective. You have to counteract the good with some bad, otherwise you’re going to have something really plain that doesn’t have a purpose. If everything was good all of the time, what fun would life be?

If we got everything we wanted, would we really know what happiness was? Because you can’t know happiness without knowing sadness, pain and the hurt that sometimes overtakes your entire body. Happiness and goodness are what they are because there is sadness and the bad in the world.

We might be dealt a bad hand at the moment, but don’t forget that your “bad hand” might be somebody else’s idea of a good life. Someone always has it worse. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to celebrate and be happy?

And even if you *think* you are the one that “has it the worst”, well, I have news for you. You don’t. “Having it the worst” would be sitting in that place we like to call Hell, eternally (literally) regretting those times when you had the chance to choose happiness and fight the bad, but didn’t. It would be regretting those time you had the chance to choose Heaven, but instead chose Hell.

Guys, I’m not saying that just because you decide to be upset about your phone cracking, you’ll go to Hell. You won’t. I’m sure of that much. What I am saying, though, is that you shouldn’t let the little things impact you because there’s so many more good things that outweigh that. When we do let it affect us, though, and it becomes a habit, that’s when we start to lead ourselves down a dangerous path. A path that can become Godless.

Ultimately, the choices we make every day decide whether we’re going to be close to God or not. When you think of it that way, is there even a question?

Ultimately, the choices we make every day decide whether we're going to be close to God or not. Click To Tweet


Comment below what petty things you’ve been upset over recently! I know I’m not alone,

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