Five Things to do When You’re Stressed

Honestly, if you ask anyone who’s super close to me, they’ll tell you I don’t handle my stress very well. And they’ll probably also wonder why the heck I’m writing a post about how to deal with it, because I’m definitely not a “poster-child” for overcoming it.

However, now that I’ve officially scared you away from this post, I’d like to bring you back in for a little while. You see, it’s in those moments when you think the world’s falling on you that you learn the most about how to deal with it. From that, I’ve learned a few simple tricks that help me more than I realize, when I’m looking back at everything. These tips might not take away all the stress, but they definitely help minimize it.



The last thing I feel like doing when I’m stressed is talking to anyone, oddly enough. I always think that i’ll make me more upset, or make me re-live all of the reasons why I feel the way I do. But, I find that it’s the opposite when I let other people know what’s going on. Just saying how you feel out loud is a relief. It doesn’t feel like you’re sharing your burden alone anymore. Plus, you get to see things from another point of view, and get advice that maybe you wouldn’t have before.



My favorite thing to do when there’s too much going on is to get it all out of my mind. Sometimes, stepping back for an hour is the best/only thing you can do. You might be wasting time, but going back to your problem after forgetting about it for a while will be so much easier. You’ll be able to clear your head for a little while.



This is the best thing you can do. Read your bible. Pray. Do anything that involves talking to God, even if it’s literally just sitting there in silence not saying anything. When we give our problems up to God, we’re telling Him we trust him enough to fix them for us and help us through them. Which He does and will, but only if we truly believe that. He’s the one being that can really take the stress off of our shoulders and will gladly put it on His. Tell Him what you need, but don’t forget to thank Him too.



So many times, when I’m stressed it’s because I’m sitting in my room, at my desk or on my bed, in the same place as always, feeling stuck. You need to get out and have new scenery every once and a while. It’s so important. It can completely change your mindset and re-inspire you. Your bedroom should really only be for sleeping!!



Personally, I love this one the most. Swimming has a way of making it not seem so bad. Even if you’re just doing freestyle for the entire time, you can get into a rhythm and only focus on that. It always completely clears my mind. I only think about what I’m doing at that moment, and it is so peaceful. Plus, the feeling after finishing a workout like that is incredible. It’s a high I really only get when I’m swimming.


What do you do when you’re stressed? Comment below and see you on Wednesday,

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