How To Find Your Blogging Niche

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This post comes after one I’ve just written for Step Up Magazine (that will come out tomorrow, Monday the 12th of June). I talked about a few tips for choosing the college major that’s right for you. It got me thinking about how I chose a blogging niche, and if I even have yet.

I guess you could use “broad term” of Lifestyle Blogger when describing me. More specifically, though, I blog about giving advice to Millennials. That involves things like faith, travel, blogging & general “life” advice. I like having the focus on Millennials, because it’s who I am and I can directly relate to the blog posts I’m writing. My readers, hopefully, know that they’re getting honest content from someone who is in a similar place in life.

But, enough about me…

I think I could easily say my title is one of the most-searched questions on Pinterest. Everyone wants to know: How can I have all the answers? Now? I think the biggest thing we’re forgetting is that things like this take time. It’s hard to know what you want to blog about the moment you step foot in the industry. Plus, even if you do, chances are that it will change throughout the years, until you find the place you’re finally mean to stop at.

How, then, can you help guide yourself through the mess of ideas and choices you have in front of you? By reading through my list!

But first…



Finding your specific corner of the internet is one of the biggest and most important things you’ll do. The more closed-in on a niche you are, the more of an audience you’ll build. People will know to come to your blog for that certain thing, because it’ll be something they can’t find anywhere else.

Plus, your niche will grow as you grow. It’s fun for the blogger and the readers to watch as a blog begins in its niche, until now. Inevitably, things will grow and change, but that’s important. Maybe, you’ll even switch niches. That’s okay, too.

So, now on to my favorite tips…



Before I got started blogging, I really took the time to see what other people were doing. I read posts from a lot of different niche’s. By doing that, I noticed the ones that were most interesting to me. There were some that I was excited to come back and read, and others that just didn’t catch my eye and I forgot about. It was nothing to do with their design or writing style, rather the topics they chose to focus on and how much it personally interested me.

I definitely narrowed down my search by doing this, and still read those blogs I found during that initial search, last year.

Where did I find all of these blogs? Lots & lots of searching on…

* Pinterest
* Bloglovin
* Instagram
* Recommendations from friends
* Linked posts on Facebook or Twitter
* YouTubers that also had blogs



I mention this in my “College Major” article, but it’s huge. You’re going to find out things about yourself, that you never really thought about, by doing this.

Write down all of the things that make you happy and that you find some interest in. It could literally be about anything. Maybe it’s something that comes easily to you, like music or math. Maybe it’s something you find yourself doing daily without questioning it, like working out or reading. Write it all down.

Then, go through that list a few more times over a few weeks, adding and subtracting things. I guarantee this will get your mind spinning, and you’ll think of new things you love. When you’re satisfied with the list, edit it down to a few things. Maybe even one. This will be a good start for your blog.

This way, you’re going to know that what you blog about is something you love. When you love what you right about, it comes easily and flow naturally. Trust me.



Yes, just start writing! This is honestly a little bit of what I’ve done throughout the years. I didn’t have a great idea of what I wanted to write about, and did a little of it all.

However, the more you write, the more you’ll discover what you love to write about. You’ll also discover what you hate writing about. I hated fashion and anything make-up related. It’s fun to learn about, but not fun for me to talk about. Plus, I knew next-to-nothing about it all.

I did, though, find my love for writing about traveling, advice & my faith. (As you already saw above!) This is surprising to me now, because I couldn’t have guessed those would be the things I chose. I wouldn’t be shocked if, in the future, I narrow this blog down even more, because I sometimes still get the feeling that it’s more broad than I’d like.

No, you probably won’t get the traffic you desire by doing this, but you’ll be able to watch it grow the more that you narrow everything down.



The number-one tip I can give to you all: Don’t copy what others are doing. This, my friends, will be your strength.

Don't copy what others are doing. This, my friends, will be your strength. Click To Tweet

Everyone has something different to show this world, so why wouldn’t you? Why would you spend your time doing what another person is doing? Just don’t copy. End of story.



What’s your favorite tip? Comment below,

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