Must-Have Bible Journaling Supplies + Tutorials

Something I’ve seen all over recently is supplies to journal in notebooks, planners and apparently even Bibles. It definitely brought out the child in me, because all I used to do was arts & crafts projects. I’m not sure that I’d have the patience to keep up with a calendar the way that a lot of people do with stickers, markers, etc.

However, I thought Bible journaling was fun, because it’s something I sort-of do already. I love highlighting and writing in it. Plus, this is just another way of praying. It’s a fun one too.

So, I went on a little hunt and listed some of the best products I found to use for your own Bible journaling. Plus, at the bottom, I linked some of my favorite blog posts I’ve found that talk about this topic, because there’s so much to know!

As a disclaimer, this is in no way inclusive of everything available. These were just my personal favorite products.



I think it goes without saying that these are essential! I love to highlight everything, and it isn’t just limited to my Bible. If you read my “How I Read the Bible & Pray” post, you’ll see a little list of how I highlight everything! I love looking back at it and having a rainbow of letters to read.
Favorite Product(s) Found:



My favorite part about all of this is seeing all the cute tabs people create, for each book in the Bible. I just found this adorable tab-creator, where you can customize what you’re creating. It’s awesome. Or, if you’re not as artistically-inclined, there’s always adorable pre-made tabs as well.

Favorite Product(s) Found:



Another essential is writing utensils. I’ve seen a ton of people who write on the pages with watercolors & paint pretty pictures. Honestly, that’s most of what I see on Pinterest. However, if that’s not for you, there’s also just plain pens & those are fabulous. Lemme tell ya. I love to write little notes in the margins, so that’s perfect for me.
Favorite Product(s) Found:



There are also a ton of random things I found online that seem so fun. First, I think stickers are a must. I’ve had a weird obsession with them ever since I can remember. Plus, I love personalizing your things with book covers. It not only protects what’s inside, but can be anything you want it to be on the outside. I listed one of my favorite covers below.

The best thing I found, though, was the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling. That thing looks amazing. Enough said.

Favorite Product(s) Found:



Beyond all of the supplies I found on my own, there were a ton of blog posts about this that I found on Pinterest. Some listed products, while others listed ways to use them. I tried to put together a list of a few of my favorites, so that you guys can get even more inspired!

Favorite Blog Posts:



Y’all can’t think that I forgot about YouTube, right?! I’m a very visual person, and love to watch what other people are doing, as opposed to just reading it. So, I knew there had to be some good videos out there for people like me.

Favorite YouTube Videos:


I know this post was to inspire my readers, but I think I just inspired myself to do a lil’ shopping trip soon. Do you guys have any other resources you use or favorite products? Comment below!

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