We Are Called to Fight Against Hate

Personally, I’ve tried to sway away from talking about all things political, because that isn’t what I want this specific blog to turn into. However, I think there are a few times & moments in life when things can’t be avoided, and this is one of them. (And one more is scheduled to come up in the near future!)

I’ll say time and time again how much I want my blog to be something that can inspire people and possibly change their mindset a little. More than anything else, though, I want it to be a place on the internet where love radiates from.

Over the past week, as I’m sure we all know by now, an arena in Manchester, England was bombed by a terrorist. An extremist. People were injured. People were murdered. It was a horrific night for everyone involved, I’m sure.

This news comes after the stories of so many others, that are strikingly similar and just as painful to hear about.

I know that some people believe it’s wrong to criticize people based on their religion, but at this point, I don’t think we have another choice. Any form of a religion that brainwashes its members into believing that they have to kill for what they believe in, is wrong. It’s unethical and the Devil’s work in our society.

Of course, there are forms of Islam that don’t preach to its members what the extremists are being taught. And to those versions, I send my love. I may not ever agree with what they believe or why they believe it, but I can respect it. However, what I can never understand or respect are those forms of religion, any religion, which manipulate its people to become terror and hate in this world.

This is not a people-war, this is a religious-war. As previously mentioned: these extremists are being brainwashed. And the problem is only growing. They see absolutely no wrong with what they’ve done, and that’s dangerous. They see Christianity, and all others who don’t hold their beliefs, as the enemy and will literally stop at nothing to end it.

What President Trump and the rest of our government & world decide to do to fix that problem, that’s a blog post for another time. However, what we do at home and in our community is what I’d like to focus on.

We cannot let these extremists win their war, physically or psychologically. Their threats, although sometimes turning out to be true, should not deter us from the bigger picture. I’m calling out to all of you Christians and all of you non-Christians alike. If we are not for these extremists, we are against them. And if we are against them, it is our duty to fight and to not give up.

We shouldn’t let this ideology incite fear into our minds, because that’s exactly what they want. That’s exactly how they break us down. Now more than ever, we need to stand together. We need to love each other and radiate peace, in whatever way we best know how. Most of all, though, we need to show forgiveness.

I know that forgiveness is the hardest thing to wrap our minds around at this moment, but it’s also the most important. Do not hate these people. Pray for those who hold these backwards mentalities and forgive them.


Why? Because as Jesus was literally being crucified on the cross, by those who doubted, mocked & hated him, he said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23: 34) If Jesus can find the strength to forgive those who are literally killing him at the moment that he’s praying, we can surely find the strength as well. Until then, we will never be stronger than them.

Once we learn to forgive, it is then that we can fight back (although I don’t necessarily mean in the literal sense).

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Take a lesson from the people of Manchester, who acted courageously after the attack. They didn’t run into their houses and hide, they ran into the chaos to help. There are stories upon stories of strangers comforting, loving & praying for other strangers. In one of their most difficult moments, they found strength. They didn’t let fear win. They set aside their differences and found a common ground: love.

So, world, no matter who you are, take one simple lesson from this blog post: fight against hate. Be open arms for someone who needs shelter, the light in the middle of all the darkness, the strength.

And to all of those who think they’re going to break this world and, more specifically Christianity, think again. We have a weapon you’ll never have, that’s more powerful than anything you’ll ever know: love.


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