What to do When Life Stops You + Other Advice

That time in your life when you’ve just graduated college and you’re suddenly left wondering what’s next is a whirlwind. And it’s the craziest part of my life so far.

Alright. First and foremost, I’ve been trying to pass a speaking exam that I need in order to move onto my teaching internship year. I need Advanced Low and I’ve been stuck at Intermediate High. I’m just not where I need to be.

It’s been such a huge stress on my life these past few months, because there’s a chance my plans could be delayed a year. If I can’t do my internship year this year, I’ve got to do it next year. I’m at the point where I’m 110% ready to be done with school & onto to something a little less expensive and time-consuming.

It’s frustrating to be finishing college & then be told that you can’t do something you’ve been working toward. That’s especially hard when it’s the last thing standing in your way between now and having your own classroom.On top of all that, life has been extremely testing in a few other ways too. Things I never thought would happen, happened. And it was a constant cloud over me for a long time.Now, this wouldn’t be a Life Advice post if I didn’t talk about what I’ve learned from all this. There’s one thing that I can’t deny: no matter how “sucky” life is, from the hard times comes growth.



As we’ve previously established, sometimes life’s crappy. It just is. Things can’t always go our way and quite honestly, most of the time they don’t. In fact, I don’t think life is life without so many tough times, whether big or small.

So, what do I mean when I’m talking about life stopping you? Rejection.

It’s important to remember that not everything comes easily & that the things worth having are sometimes the hardest to attain, and harder still to maintain. Sometimes, God will literally turn you down from advancing 25 times in a row, and finally let you through on the 26th time. Other times, God will bar you from those advancements altogether.

In those times, God isn’t trying to make us upset or angry, He’s trying to teach us something. It might be that He knows we aren’t yet ready for what we want, or that there’s something better out there instead. The way to figure it out is to take a step back and pray. Listen to what God’s telling you about yourself and your situation. I promise, it’s not that He isn’t talking, it’s that you aren’t listening.

And throughout all of the rejection, don’t ever give up.



Maybe, though, your hard time has nothing to do with trying to accomplish a goal. Maybe bad things are just surrounding you lately. Your pet died, you got a few bad grades in some classes, you lost your job, you went through a break-up…maybe all four.

During these times, you have a choice. Either, you can choose to let everything get to you and sulk, or you can flip your mindset completely.

During these times, you have a choice. Either, you can choose to let everything get to you and sulk, or you can flip your mindset completely. Click To Tweet

Choosing to flip your mindset isn’t easy at first, but only once you’ve had time to digest it. The most important thing to realize is that having a bad mindset is exactly what the Devil wants. He wants you to question God and blame Him for everything that’s going on.

Personally, I can’t count the number of times I’ve blamed God. Although I believe that He sometimes lets bad things happen, I don’t think He creates them. God knows that without these moments, we’ll never grow. We’ll never discover anything new or better about ourselves than we know today. Could you imagine if you had the same mindset that you did five years ago? I’m sure most of us wouldn’t even recognize ourselves if we suddenly were given those minds.

It’s necessary to develop our thoughts, emotions and personality throughout life. If nothing bad ever happens to you, what would be the point of life?

I can’t measure the amount of strength I’ve found in myself these last few months. It’s incredible. I’m so proud of how I’ve handled myself and it is so much easier to put other moments into perspective. If I had let the Devil win those internal fights, I can’t imagine that I’d be in a good place right now.

One thing I love to remind myself of is that the harder life is, the more the Devil is trying to bring you down. These are the times when it’s most important and effective to pray and praise God.



I couldn’t write this post and not include the flip-side. There will be just as many times in your life when nothing goes wrong. Life is good. You’ve got a great job. Friend and family relationships are strong and growing. You just finished the best book ever. The birds are chirping. You’re about to fly to Paris for the weekend. (Ugh, I wish.)

I think it’s in these times when we forget to thank our Creator. Y’all, we literally would not be here, living this life, smiling, laughing, loving, without Him!! It’s insane. He gave us this wonderful, crazy, sad, outrageous life because He loves us. He knows each of us to the core and wants the best for us.

When life is good, thank Him.

I love looking back on life, too. It’s funny to me to see the things I was worrying about a year ago. They all worked out somehow. Every prayer was answered in some way. A lot of times, prayers were answered in ways in never could have imagined.

I trusted the Lord and He led me in a direction that I had no intention of going, but one that ended up being better than what I wanted. Having faith isn’t easy, but it’s beautiful and wonderful and perfect.


What’s something YOU learned from going through a hard time? Let me know below,

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