Why We Need to Stop the Comparisons

The other day, I was looking through Instagram and came across a perfect portrait of a social media influencer who had written a long caption. To summarize, the caption addressed the fact that yes, she does edit all of her pictures and yes, it’s necessary. She told her followers that it was okay to do it, because that was how she got businesses to sponsor her, and that’s how she got her followers and likes. Without perfecting herself, she wouldn’t be in this place.

So, she was literally telling the world that it was a requirement of the job to change herself into something she wasn’t. It didn’t matter if she was deceiving people.

Something in those words stung me in the heart. Not only was she okay with doing what she was doing, she made people think that it was the only way to make it in that world. I just wanted to log into her Instagram account and delete it. No matter what she believed, she was not a good role model for girls. And to me, setting a good example for others is what’s important.

Seeing people that look so amazing online changes something in your head. And don’t even try to sit here and disagree with me, because you girls all know it does!

It’s the endless pictures of girls with flawless skin and a toned body. It’s all the clothes models are selling, that I feel like I need. It’s the beautiful places where everyone seems to be traveling.

After a half hour of that scrolling, I realized I spent my time doing nothing but looking at what other people have. And I can’t lie; that’s when the comparisons start to grow in my mind.

There have been way too many nights when I’ve stood in my bathroom mirror and just judged myself. I’ve looked at myself like I’m something that needs fixing, and that it needs to happen now. Those brownies I ate were such a mistake, because look at that little pouch I have. My eyebrows have the weirdest shape and they’re never going to look beautiful. I literally hate all of my clothes, because they aren’t anything like what people are wearing on social media.

It’s hard to admit, but it’s even harder to sit there and think those things about myself. I can feel exactly how much it tears me down every time I do it, and yet I can’t stop myself sometimes. Even worse, I can feel the strain it creates between me and God. I imagine Him looking down at me with a tear in His eye, as I push Him aside for worldly thoughts and desires.


…it gives me solace to know it’s a story I know I haven’t lived alone.

I see it when I’m with my best friends and we stand in a mirror, getting ready to go somewhere, and critique every inch of our skin and bones. Think the Mean Girls scene when they’re standing in the mirror. I see it with all the filters and touch-up apps people use on Instagram. I see it on YouTube when girls are vlogging, and their eyes are constantly fixed on themselves in the screen instead of the camera lens. It’s everywhere.

I’ve written about this topic before HERE (Why Validation is an Addiction), but I wanted to rope God into it for a second and get a little more personal than that last post.

God didn’t ever want us to feel this way, ladies! Ever! I want to sit here and say that over and over until you believe it, and I hope you’ll always do that for me. Nobody is perfect, no matter what they try to sell you!

I will never understand why we aren’t comfortable with showing real pictures of ourselves, because that’s who we truly are. Why wouldn’t we want others to know that? There isn’t a lot that’s still genuine in this world, so we should be one of those things.

When you see pictures of people and things that look too good to be true online, they are. Always. What you never see is the other 99 photos they took, just to choose one and all of the editing that goes into it all. There doesn’t need to be perfection in order to make a business out of content creation!

Instead of focusing on perfecting our image on the internet, we need to focus on perfecting our image for God. We are children of God and that’s so much more beautiful than anything this earth can offer for us. He literally made us exactly how He wanted us. Every hair, every inch of skin, every part of our personalities…it’s all exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Instead of focusing on perfecting our image on the internet, we need to focus on perfecting our image for God. Click To Tweet

We should be sharing those gifts and that real beauty with the world. Don’t make yourself into what everyone else is and never think you have to. We were made unique for a reason.

If this post isn’t enough to change your thinking just a little, pray about the bible verse below:

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight” (1 Peter 3:3-4).

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