How I Met My Boyfriend + Advice for Other Women

Before I begin this blog post, I wanted to give a little update to the craziness of the last few days. I lost all my blog content, and then found it again. (Thank GOD.) This all happened because I decided to switch hosts, from Hostgator to SiteGround (which you should switch to/sign up for HERE, because I love it so far. Honestly. And it’s cheap. Like really cheap.) I was stupid and didn’t know what the heck I was doing, so if you’re switching hosts, make sure you do.

In the craziness, I used the opportunity to change my blog a little. I want to be a blogger that gives tons of advice about life, faith & blogging—and maybe tell a few stories here and there (hence today). “Style” + “Travel” posts are gone, as is the old logo & signature. I couldn’t be happier about it, because I feel like I’m finally finding exactly what I want to talk to you all about. It’s awesome.

The chance to be personal on a platform like this is awesome, and I truly believe it’s where my readers connect with me the most & vice versa. When you can mix that with giving advice, it really prompts your community to be able to trust you and connect with you more.

That, I think, is a perfect transition into my topic today; how I met my boyfriend. This story is near & dear to my lil’ heart and I hope it can inspire some of you to never give up that search for a good, Catholic man. Plus, even if you aren’t mean to find him, I hope you’ll find God in the process.



So, picture this: I’m sitting in my dorm room sophomore year of college, and I’m just feeling so over it.

I’d dated a lot in high school, fell in love in college stupidly, swore I was over dating forever, dated a sweet, new guy in a relationship that I realize I’d rushed into, and had just broken up with him a week ago.

None of them were guys I’d really sat down and had a serious talk about faith with, either because I wasn’t sure what mine was or they didn’t have one. And, honestly, a lot of the relationships I’d had were because I wanted to feel wanted, not because I wanted to share my love with someone. (Selfish? Yes. But you live & you learn, and that’s the harsh truth.)

a lot of relationships we want R cause we want to feel wanted, not cause we want to share love Click To Tweet

It was only after I broke up with that last guy that I realized I needed to change my thinking. I needed to stop thinking I always needed to be in a relationship to be happy, because it was (and is) a toxic way to think. So, I promised myself I’d just live my life & learn how to have fun on my own. I didn’t always have to be on the lookout for the love of my life.

A week later (spoiler alert) I found him. God is funny that way.



My friends and I decided to spend our Wednesday night at a local Country Music bar right off campus. It was the only place that was 18+ and was usually a fun time.

Let it be known, however, that I wasn’t in the mood. I had a bad cold that day and had already taken a lot of medicine. I didn’t want to go out when I could’ve been sleeping, but somehow I was convinced. And thank God I was.

The three of us got there and had a fun night of dancing to the music & riding the mechanical bull. Toward the middle-to-end of the evening, one of my friends went up to the ride the bull and I videotaped her, while my friend sat next to me. Two guys walked up to us and struck up conversations; one talking to me, the other talking to her. (So, yes, I do have our first conversation on tape.)

It wasn’t unusual for a guy to do this, especially when you were out at night, but something felt different about this. This guy, with his super-cheesy pick-up line, was someone I knew.But I’d never met him. I almost-instantly fell in love with his longer blonde hair & adorable laugh (that I really still love now).  It didn’t make any sense, and at the same time, I understood perfectly. His name was Jack and I knew my life was about to change, of course it was at the moment I least expected it.

I know all of that “life-changing” stuff sounds dramatic, but it isn’t the least bit an exaggeration. I felt that way to my core.

Our first date was to a church cookout. Then, although he’d injured his foot pretty badly that day, he went on a walk with me around part of the neighborhoods near campus. I knew he was trying to impress me, and oh my God did it work. (!!!!)

Let me tell you, though, our relationship took a lot of hits (especially during that first year) and we almost didn’t make it, a few times. We went through everything together that was meant to tear us down, but it didn’t. Our immaturity throughout the first part of our relationship grew into something stronger and wiser. We could look back at the bad times and talk about exactly where we went wrong and how we were going to fix it.

I knew something there was something different about this relationship that had never been there in any other one. It was God.

This man who I’d met randomly at a bar became the reason that I truly found God. I know I’ve talked about that before, but it’s one of the most important and substantial things that’s happened in my life. Not only did I find God personally, but we (as I mentioned above) found him in our relationship. It strengthened us more than I can ever explain.

There was respect, honest conversations, church every Sunday together & tons of praying. And there still is.

I thank God every day for putting that spark on my heart and giving me my best friend. I also feel sad for all of the people in the world that think they have to sell themselves short or be someone they’re not in order to find their significant other.



Although this is “so 90s”, I have to tell you all, news flash: you deserve better & if you believe that, you’re going to find it.  Don’t settle, because not only will it create problems in your relationship, but it will hurt your soul. And that’s something you can’t afford to mess with.

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Don’t forget, you hopeless romantics, that love will come when it’s ready to and not a second sooner. God has a master-plan up there in the sky, and it’s falling together just like He wanted. Maybe love is in the cards for you ten years in the future. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. Whatever He has planned for you, trust Him. You can rest assured that it’s going to be in your best interest, no matter what the outcome.

I know that finding love can seem like the most daunting task in the world, especially the older we get, but we’re forgetting something bigger. If we’re truly focused on seeking the love of Jesus, that is all we can ever ask for. When our sights are on the right things in life, good things will come.

One day, you’re going to look back and understand exactly why everything happened the way that it did. For now, just smile through the confusion, because you have an awesome God and that’s the most important thing.


Comment below how you found your Godly love, or how you’re preparing yourself for it (whatever it might look like),


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