How to Successfully Navigate New Chapters in Life

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Today I sat down to blog about something completely different, but my mind kept wandering to the fact that life is changing for me. In five days exactly, I’m moving out of the apartment I’ve lived in for four years, to go back home with my parents. I’ve graduated college and am moving onto my student teaching year in September. I’ve been so independent for so long, and now I’ll be back in the same bedroom I grew up in (at least for a year!)

Instead of best friends, family will surround me every day. In place of sleeping in until eight or nine, I’ll be waking up far before that. (Uhhhhh who thought that was a good idea!?) I’ll finally be on my last step to pursuing one of the dreams I’ve had since I was a little girl.

Sitting on my bedroom floor, wiping the dust away from the windowsill, I realize it’s the last time I’ll ever have to do that. (Thank God.) But then my gaze fixes on the view from outside my apartment, and suddenly I’m thanking God for something different; the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place.

I’ve looked out on that view a million and one times, but this will be one of the last. Every time I’ve done it, different emotions were running through my mind, some that I remember clearly still. Others were so insignificant that their memory is long gone.

It shocks me to see how quickly life shifts in a matter of hours. Friday morning, I’ll be waking up here and by Friday night, I’ll be moved back into my parents’ house for a while.

It shocks me to see how quickly life shifts in a matter of hours. Click To Tweet

Like the rest of you, I’ve had a lot of moments in life that completely shifted the way things were going for me. Those moments were the turning of a page, the transition into a new chapter. It can be terrifying and exciting at the same time, because it’s something completely new.

We’ve all been there and we all will be again. So, I thought it was important to talk about how I navigate those new chapters in my life, in hopes that maybe it’ll help the rest of you.



The biggest thing about being in a new situation is that you’re going to feel weird. Out of place. It’s inevitable every time you leave your comfort zone. Whatever you do, just don’t let it be a reason to stop you.

Personally, the time I felt the most uncomfortable in my entire life: when I first started living in Spain. A new culture will mess with your mind like that when you’re miles away from your home!

I had the choice to either force myself to be okay in the situation, or let the weirdness course through me for a while. Neither one sounds like a great option, but I chose the latter. Yes, at first you’re gonna hate everything and want to go back to the last stage in your life. But don’t turn around.

I knew I needed to just let go of my reigns for a minute and let life happen. It wouldn’t be what I was used to at all, but I knew that in time I would be okay with it. Once, I read that a human can literally get used to any situation they’re put in, it just takes time. I’ve held that advice close to me all these years, because it’s the absolute truth.

let you of your reigns for a minute & let life happen. Click To Tweet



Life becomes so much better once you’ve gotten a grasp in a new situation. I feel like I can never really settle down if I’m all over the place & not really taking anything in, so I make sure to raise my palm and stop myself.

How? Find a routine.

Learn where your new favorite place is, and where you feel most safe & comfortable. Try to make those two separate places. Yes, they could be different than in the past, but those two places are going to be your saving graces. They’ll be the things you can turn to on a (maybe-) daily basis when life gets crazy and confusing.

You should also create an actual daily routine. Know what you want to get done in the morning, afternoon & night time. Of course, it’ll never be exactly the same, but it helps to give you some peace in the long run.



Honestly, I just used the word “tribe” because I love it. A lot. But, basically, keep good family and friends around you (of course you should all the time, but right after a significant life-change is super important). Remember your best friends from the last stage in your life and hold onto them. It’ll be harder, especially if you’ve moved, but make that extra effort. Good friends are hard to find, and harder still to keep.

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Plus, you can never go wrong with having your family around you. They’re always there for you (whether it’s a Grandma, Sister or Husband) and you should use that to your advantage. Share this new stage in life with them & grow together.

Good friends and family can be the transition you need from one chapter to the next. I can’t count how many times I call my mom when I’m doing something new and need to hear a familiar voice. I’m so grateful for the comfort that those conversations bring.

Don’t forget, though, that relationships are two-sided and if you want to keep these people close to you, be there for them too.



At the end of the day, the thing that’s really going to get you through any season of life is God. He’s in the beginning, middle and end of every story. Sometimes, opening up the Bible can be the source of comfort you’ve been searching for in this new chapter.

It can also be the place where you find the advice you need when you feel stuck, because you will. Navigating any new situation is going to bring questions and doubts up in your mind. You might even just have no idea what your next move is. All of the answers are in His word.

THE prescription for a good life= pray and read the Bible daily.

THE prescription for a good life=pray and read the Bible daily. Click To Tweet


What new stage are you going through in life? How are you coping? Comment below,

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