Three Reasons You Should Start Blogging NOW

A while back, I wrote a post titled: Why I Blog + My Story.  I talked about how much I went through to get to this point of blogging, but why it’s all worth it. It almost played out like a timeline of my life, because a lot of it involved having some type of blog I wrote on. Today, I’m going to expand on that post and tell you about some of the awesome benefits of starting a blog.

My three biggest reasons!?

  1. The People
  2. The Experience
  3. The Opportunities

Although I’m not the biggest blogger or influencer out there, and probably not even remotely close, I still can see so many great things that have come from what I’ve started. People ask me all the time why I continue to spend so much time doing what I do, although I don’t earn money from it (yet!!). That question will really make you think, because you’ll either realize it’s a waste of your time or you’ll decide that your passion exceeds the need for making an income (although it would be nice in the future).

However, none of that is meant to scare you away. If you’re truly feeling called to this place on the internet, you should go for it. God will take care of the rest. I’ve found three major reasons why that’s true.

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Blogging can really become a favorite hobby so quickly, especially for those creative people out there like me. The awesome thing about this hobby, though, is that it’s one where you connect with people from all over the world. That, in the best way possible, can become almost addicting. You’ll meet people who share so many of the same beliefs, opinions & passions as you, which will be insanely inspiring.

This network of bloggers is a wonderful one. I’ve never seen a group that’s more supportive with each other, because they all know the struggles of the game. Whenever you have questions or concerns, someone is there to help you, no matter the social media platform.

I’ve also seen endless amounts of bloggers meet in real life & create long-lasting friendships. Your world can entirely expand beyond the city you live in with this platform.



Having a blog is also wonderful if you’re looking for something extra & exciting to put on your resume or LinkedIn. It shows that you’re ambitious enough to create something as big & important as a website and will showcase your writing/creative skills perfectly. If you’re like me, you’ve spent hours upon hours perfecting your blog & the posts you write on it. At that point, I think the blog will speak for itself, and that’s a great thing.

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I’ve also found that my writing skills have increased a ton. I know how to write short & concise things, but also how to write longer posts filled with information and stories. Both of those things are important to know. My style of writing has sharpened and I know exactly what voice I have that makes me stand out.

Those writing skills will come in handy if you’re looking for freelance work or are applying for a job where there is some kind of writing involved. You’ll know how to “wow” your potential employers, because, for you, writing has kind-of become life (even though it won’t feel like it).

I also feel that I’ve gained experience in the social media world & with creative content (think graphics). These things come easily when you start blogging. You might not even realize it’s a talent you’ve now gained.

Plus, blogging has really shaped the way I think about schedules and timelines. I’ve never been much of a planner, but now I am. I have a list of things I’d love to write about and when they’ll go up. The best part? I’ve actually stuck to it. I have that little voice in my head that nudges me to get writing, because I’ve got a deadline coming up. It isn’t annoying, rather it’s helpful and has caused me to use that skill in the rest of my life.

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This is something I’m just starting to see as a result of my blog. However, I have one example that stands out the most for me.

I’ve been contacted with the opportunity to write posts this summer for an online magazine called Step Up Magazine. The posts I write there are a little different than what you’d see on this blog, but I’ve grown to love that. It’s challenged me to think outside of my “Lifestyle” niche and see what else I’m capable of writing about. I’ve definitely surprised myself.

There have been tons of smaller things I’ve been able to do as well. The list is endless, and I think it will expand even more as time goes on. For some of the bigger bloggers, I’ve heard of them getting the chance to travel, speak around the country, collaborate with companies, etc.

One of the opportunities that I recently created for myself was an e-mail newsletter.>>>SUBSCRIBE TO IT HERE! 

Every Friday, my subscribers receive a devotional about the reading that stood out to me most from the week before. Plus, it’s a place where I can create cute graphics and send them out to be used as lock screens or pins on Pinterest. It’s super fun for me to do, but is something that’s hopefully super useful for others as well.

The platform has such a huge influence on the world, and that’s why I feel it’s calling me to it. I’d love to influence people in an immensely positive way, and this is just the place for that.

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Although this hobby will not be easy to start or maintain, I think it’s completely worth it. As the saying goes, if God is pulling you to it, He’ll pull you through it.

PS: Want to get that Friday devotional tomorrow? (Or if you’re reading this later on, next Friday?) You should sign up HERE. It’s free. It’s awesome. I’d love to have you on the list.


Why do YOU blog?! Comment below,


  • Tiara Ray

    I really like this post. I started blogging, because I needed an outlet for my frustration about my failed relationships. When I realized that wasn’t helping, I decided to change it into something positive. I recently relocated to China to learn Mandarin, so I blog about my experiences there.

    • amandakristine

      Thanks so much Tiara. It’s awesome how blogging can change from one thing to something completely different. It’s definitely a good outlet too when I’m frustrated about things. So cool you live in China!

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