Where To Share Your Blog Posts After Publishing

Recently, I’ve been writing a ton of life-advice and faith-related posts. I’ve been talking about how I found my faith, resources for Christians, and a lot about college. However, because this is an advice blog and a lot of my readers are other bloggers, I love sharing blogging advice with that community.

So, today I’m switching gears and talking about where I share my blog posts and why each place matters. Plus, I’ll tell you where most of my viewers come from! (Google analytics is a beautiful thing.)

PS: If you click the social media links in each paragraph, you’ll find my social media accounts (which you should follow!)



The first place I post my newest blog link is on Twitter. I will usually link the post using a link and write a short excerpt about the post. The tweet will include a few blogging-related hashtags and the picture I’m using with that blog post. Once tweeted, I’ll pin it to my Twitter page, so that it’s the first thing people see if they want to stalk me. 😉

Twitter is the social media that most bloggers have. If you’re looking to connect with other bloggers, this is where you should be. Don’t be afraid to share your posts, but don’t forget to make it personal, too! Tweet your random thoughts, opinions and beliefs. You’ll find other like-minded people this way!



Next up, I use Facebook! I have a page where I’ll link the post and use the same excerpt as I did on Twitter. This is usually the only time I use that page, because I don’t have a ton of people who “like” the page right now. However, I’ll also share that post to my actual Facebook account, for all of my family and friends to see.  (Unless it’s a blogging-related post like this one.) This generates a lot of traffic for me! Don’t be afraid to share what you write with those around you.

This website is my second-biggest referrer for traffic. I have a feeling it’s got to do with all of the family & friends I’ve got on my account!



I love Pinterest. A while back, I wrote a long, intensive post about this website, where I explain just how to successfully use it for your blog. CLICK HERE TO SEE!

I’ll share my post to about 2/3 boards I have on my Pinterest. One of them is a closed board just for bloggers to share their posts & interact with others. Each picture includes a few searchable keywords in the description, instead of a sentence description. You have to write what people are going to search for, so that they’ll find you. Also, make sure your pin links back to not just your website, but to the actual page of that post!

Pinterest is also my biggest referrer for traffic. It’s so important to know how use this website correctly for blogging, because it’s going to help you so much once you do.



I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers don’t use this website, but they should. Why? Because people love to interact on Google +, and they’re going to read what you have to say. I share my post on about 4/5 different boards on here, that are specifically aimed to exactly what I blog about (ex: Catholics, Lifestyle Bloggers, etc.). I don’t usually add a description to my links, because one pops up from what I’ve written on the post.

This website is my third-biggest referrer for traffic. So, if you aren’t using it, think about it!



Instagram is probably my favorite of all the social medias. I’ll usually post a new picture whenever I’ve got a new post up, but I try to elaborate a lot more on here. There’s always a link in my bio to my website (and other social medias) but I usually try to remind people of that in each picture I post. I’ve found that the more you elaborate about what you’ve written, the more excited people get to go read it. (As opposed to just saying you have a new post up and not saying anything else.)

I also love to add an Insta-story to go along with what I posted. Sometimes, it’ll be a picture of the blog post and other times, it’s just me talking.

These are the main things I use to promote my blog, and you should too! Each is super important to me. I have a different crowd of people that follow me on each site and it’s important to be connecting with your followers on a regular basis. Get to know the people in those communities and promote their relevant content just as much as they promote yours (if not more!) It’s a surefire way to grow your audience and be connected to who that audience is.

it’s important to be connecting with your followers on a regular basis. Click To Tweet

Comment below if you have any other questions related to this topic, or any other blogging topic, and we’ll talk! What’s YOUR favorite social media!?

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