Dear Future Husband,

Today I’m feeling sentimental. Actually, if you know me, you know that’s a pretty regular occurrence. What is my sappy, romancy heart feeling today? I can’t wait for the day when I get to call you mine. Forever.

I can’t wait for sleepovers with my best friend every night. And to decorate a house together. And to go to church with you every Sunday. And to pray with you.

I constantly see videos online and read stories about people who are getting engaged and about marriages. It always makes me a tiny bit teary-eyed (there’s that sentimental side again. oops.) because you can just see the love radiating off of those couples. It’s apparent in how they talk about each other, and in the way they treat one another. I hope we have a love like that, but ten times better.

How could it be better than that, you might ask? Because I’m living it, not just watching it on a computer screen.

Okay, yes. I know I’m only 22 and have a little while before I need to worry about that part of my life, but a girl can’t help it sometimes. Finding our prince charming is something we dream about from the time we first open Cinderella and read it all the way through. We know it’s going to be a fairytale, but also way better than that.

I have no idea what to expect, because everyone says marriage is extremely hard. Right now, I can’t picture what kind of fights we’d have. Or what we’ll go through. But..then again…who actually could before they got married? Everyone in the world goes into that next stage a little blind, because there’s no way for them to really know what it’s going to be like.

Still, I wonder…will we fight over what to watch on T.V.? Will we have nights where we just can’t stand each other and sleep in separate rooms? Or would you not be able to stand it and come back to me in the middle of the night? Will you always be scared of my driving (because I think everyone is a little bit), or will I ever get better? Will there ever be a day that we forget we love each other? Would you ever get sick of how many times I’ll hide behind walls, just to jump out and scare you? Because I will. A lot.

I’m sure there’s going to be fights, but I hope we’re the couple that can work through anything because we’ve got God in the middle.

I bet you don’t realize how much I’m going to spoil you. You’re going to be suffocated with all of my hugs and kisses and love notes, because I’m not above any of that (peep this blog post). I can’t wait to be the one to get rid of your bad day just by talking you through it. Actually, I just can’t wait to always be there for you.

I wonder how many places we’ll travel to, where we’ll live, how many kids we’ll have, and most importantly what flavor our wedding cake will be.

More than anything, I can’t wait to feel like I’ve finally filled that void by becoming one with someone else. I can’t wait to do God’s work with you. And to cry with you. And to laugh with you.

Future husband, I know that if I’m marrying you, you’ve somehow managed to make it through every wall I’ve put up, every fear I’ve ever had, every insecurity I hide. If you’re still around after all of that, you’re there for life. And I know there won’t be any question about that.

I’ll know that you’re 100% the man for me and committed for the long haul.

Although I’m young, impatient and probably pretty ignorant of how hard marriage will be, I couldn’t care less. I know if I’m saying “I Do” to you, I’ll mean it.

Here’s to these next few years, where we get to work on ourselves and pray constantly, in order to be as ready as we can be to marry each other. I have no idea what my life will look like even a few months from now, but I’m sure that if it’s with you, there won’t be any fear.



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