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Before I begin today’s post round-up (my first ever!!), I wanted to say thank you for the recent, awesome feedback  on my last post! It was something that was weighing on my heart, and I’m glad it came across well to everyone. I wanted to give some practical advice to my readers, that you don’t hear everyday. So, thank you thank you thank you. (And go read it if you didn’t yet!)

I love those moments when you’re so pulled to a certain topic, that you can do nothing more than just get it out of your head and onto a web document. You can’t wait to publish that piece of art (because it certainly feels like it to you) and you know you’re really going to be impacting others by doing so. Those times in life are what I tried to showcase here today, as I saw those moments through other people.

I asked and you guys said you wanted more life advice posts, so here are some amazing life-advice posts. Share this with your friends and add your link below, if you’ve written an article lately that you think others will benefit from!



I met Lauren from a website we worked on together, and she’s such a sweetheart. She knows how to build people up and follow the Lord, literally no matter what. It’s sometimes funny to see her tweets, because they remind me of myself so much. I easily connect with her because of what she’s been through, even if it is small, because I’ve been there too. I imagine that many people could put themselves in her shoes too.

Here’s a wonderful post she wrote about getting knocked down, but not letting that stop her. CLICK HERE!!



One thing that I hated, but dealt with two separate times, was long distance. It was difficult beyond belief at some points, but also helped me to grow more than I can even realize now. I wish there were more advice out there to tell people just what a struggle it is, and most importantly how to make it work. That’s all you want to know about when you’re in that situation.

Sam, another awesome blogger, wrote a post recently about this and it’s worth the read. It’s concise but offers tons of information you need to consider. CLICK HERE TO READ!!



Something I find myself doing a ton is apologizing when I shouldn’t be. It happens when I almost run in to something, or when I go out of my way to ask someone for something that I need. Everyday, there’s something I feel bad about doing, even though I shouldn’t.

That’s why Amber’s post hit home for me. She’s talking about reviews of different products, but this post applies to many different things in life. Amber is an incredible writer. READ IT HERE!!



It would be safe to say that Tae is one of the first blogging friends I’ve made, and that’s so cool to say. She’s smart, genuine and full of wise words. I love reading everything she’s got to say, whether it be on her blog or on social media, it’s always worth it.

She recently wrote a lil’ post called “Sold Out”, and it’s wonderful. CLICK HERE TO READ IT!



There is one person out there that I aspire to be, in the blogging world, and that’s Jordan from SoulScripts. She writes long, beautiful pieces that intertwine faith and life so well. If you’re looking for advice on either or both of those things, visit her blog. She’s been blessed with the gift of storytelling and sharing her knowledge with everyone else.

I’ve read a lot of blog posts about keeping college in faith, but hers is my favorite. If you want to read it (and you SHOULD), CLICK HERE!

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So many beautiful people in this world are gifted with the art of connecting others through their writing. If you’ve felt that push to start sharing what you know with others, do it. Someone out there is always looking for someone like you to connect with. Your posts might only impact one person, but at the same time, a person is being impacted by your posts.

Have a favorite life-advice post or want to share yours!? Comment below!


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