Standing Up Sometimes Means Standing Out

Something’s been bothering me recently. I constantly watch myself (and others) let their religion and beliefs be trampled on, just because it’s just way too hard to ever stand up for it. In some circumstances, we think there’s no way we can talk about what we believe, because we know we’ll be the only ones who think this way.

And that thought is absolutely terrifying. People can be all sorts of things, but we tend to think they’ll embody the definition of pure hatred if we say, “I don’t agree with you.” I mean, that’s why so many of us stay quiet, right? For the pure fact that we fear what will happen if we utter a sound.

I’m sure so many of you reading this assume speaking up for your beliefs is easy, because in theory, it is. In an ideal world, it’s so simple. We’ll be able to have conversations and still keep the respect of those around us. I’m sure, though, you also feel that in the moments when you seem to be the only one like you that you just can’t do it. The words just won’t come out of your mouth. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that sometimes, you find yourself nodding your head and falsely agreeing with opinions that go against the exact substance that you’ve built yourself upon, just because you’re terrified to disagree.

Sometimes, the lies we’re being told are intertwined into our society so well that if we say, “No, I don’t agree,” people might tell us we need professional help. We see the hate people spew on social media, without fear of true confrontation because they’re hiding behind a computer screen, and we think that those same feelings could be hiding beneath the surface when we talk about difficult issues in real life, with real people.

I’ve had way too many of those moments myself. I’ve listened to people mock the very God I believe in and everything I say I stand for; and I’ve done nothing about it. I’ve walked out of places after a conversation was done, trying not to tear up because I knew I let the other person win just by staying silent. Those are the things that have the biggest potential to keep me up at night. I ask myself, “If I’m not standing up for what I believe in when it truly matters, then who am I?”

As much as this post was created to empathize with everyone else who does the exact thing I do, I also wanted to say something else. It’s easy to hide behind our insecurities and deepest fears, but we shouldn’t. In fact, we can’t.

It's easy to hide behind our insecurities and deepest fears, but we shouldn't. Click To Tweet

Holding those words and thoughts in our mouths will ultimately destroy us. If we can’t empower ourselves to speak up, how can we empower those around us to be brave, too? If we want to lead by example, then we first need to be the example. Fear does nothing but rot away your soul slowly, and that’s the most dangerous thing in this world.

Whatever it is you believe or don’t believe, share it with others. Although it’s important, we can’t spend 100% of our time just listening to what others think about something. We need to chime in with them, and let our voices be heard just as much as theirs is.

And if you’re somewhere uncomfortable, where you feel small and unheard, don’t let that stop you. Those are the places where you need to keep your strength and ideologies the most. You’ll stand out from those around you, but maybe that’s the point.

Your job on this Earth isn’t to be liked by everyone. It’s to do something that matters. Something that will change this world in some way, even if it’s giving a voice to the important topics in life.

Your job on this Earth isn't to be liked by everyone. It's to do something that matters. Click To Tweet

Don’t forget: Standing up sometimes mean standing out.

Standing up sometimes mean standing out. Click To Tweet



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