How I Discovered One Of My Callings + Why That’s Important

Why don’t we start out this lil’ post by talking about my life: first of all, I hope it’s far from over. Why? Because I’ve still got a ton to figure out. And even more to do.

I can’t wait until the day when I can look back and understand exactly what gifts I was given, how I used them, and the role that God played in every part of my life. Right now, I only see pieces. I know I’m being called to a few different things, but I don’t exactly know why yet.

If you think about it, a lot of decisions in this life we base on intuition. We just know something will be the right decision for us, or that we’re supposed to be doing a certain thing. Call that what you want, but I think it’s the Holy Spirit. God speaks to us and guides us through intuitions.

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One of the strongest pulls I’ve felt in my life is to writing. Literally since I can remember, I’ve loved buying notebooks and diaries, and filling them with random things. I have stories all over my room, computer, phone and I’m sure other places, too. It’s the one thing that’s helped me get through every stage in my life.

I remember one summer that I single-handedly used writing to get over a horrible heartbreak that I went through. I couldn’t talk about it with anyone else, but I could write about it so easily. It was the place that I was able to be the most vulnerable. I know looking back at that now, I’d probably laugh at how teen-angsty my style was, but it was my saving grace.

I’d had blogs from the end of high school until now, but only got serious about it a year and a half ago. I knew in my heart that blogging was what I needed to be doing, but I couldn’t find my style. I wrote about insanely random topics that I knew nothing about, and got frustrated every time nothing came of it. I wanted to rush past all of that frustration and just know what I was supposed to be blogging about, but it didn’t come any faster than it was supposed to.

When I think about it, I know God was waiting for the right time for me to start writing about my faith online, and He knew I wasn’t ready until pretty recently. Five years ago, I would’ve laughed at Him and told him I knew exactly what I was doing, but now I sit here and say, “oh, you’re right Lord, you knew I had no idea back then.”



During that last year and a half, I took a creative writing class in college and it flipped my world upside down. I realized that not only did I love the class, but I was good at it too. Although I’d written a ton of mini stories throughout the years and had been blogging for a while, I never stopped to think that maybe writing was a gift. Maybe it was something I was being called to. Until that point, it was just something I did.

Once I found that spark, it never stopped. Of course there’s times when I feel uninspired and have a blank mind, but they don’t last. And once those periods are over, my thoughts are literally flooded with so many new ideas to tell the world.

Recently, I decided to take a peek back over my shoulder and check out my past. All those little moments filled with writing had woven themselves into something huge in my life; I was literally being called to be a writer! It’s funny how much that thought shook me. I remember always praying to know what some of my gifts were, and here was the first realization of one of them.

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I knew in my heart that I had to keep my blog running. And as time has gone on, I’ve fine-tuned it based on what the Holy Spirit is telling me to do. It’s a lot more faith-based than it used to be, but that’s the interesting thing. The more I write about my faith, the more readers I seem to attract. It’s like people are craving things like this, contrary to what our society says, and I’m where some of them are flocking to.

If I would have listened to society and written about something worldly, I wouldn’t have found this success. It was when I stepped away from the world and did what God wanted, that I found my place.

It was when I stepped away from the world and did what God wanted, that I found my place. Click To Tweet

Looking at my life now, it’s weird that I used to not think of blogging as writing. Blogging was just a thing, not a skill. Not a calling. God was trying to tell me that the thing I was looking for had been there all along. He’d been equipping me with the right tools for years, and I had literally no idea.

Today, as I sit here and write this, I’ve got no clue where my blog will take me. I hope it can change a few mindsets and maybe one or two lives, but my goal is always just to be able to impact one person. If I can do that, I know I’m doing the Lord’s work.

I never really got into writing; it was just always there and I kind-of gradually fell into it. But, if you think about it, isn’t that what happens with all gifts that we’re given in life? We can’t choose them, because they’ve already been pre-destined to be ours. They’re woven into our very cells and will be revealed only once we’re ready to receive them.

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It’s so important, friends, that you can understand that. Stop praying to God, begging him to make the entire world known to you. He won’t, because He knows you aren’t ready to hold it in your own hands. Instead, discern; pray with the intent to listen, understand and discover. Ask the Lord to reveal things to you, but only once you’re ready to know.

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In the meantime, look at your past and try to pick out the patterns. Notice the times you flourished in life, and the places where you didn’t. The Lord is probably trying to paint you a story through your own experiences, and if you look hard enough, you’ll see the message He’s right in front of you.



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