The Moments I Feel Secure In My Faith (+How You Can Too)

I’m not going to try and hide from you guys; there’s a lot of times where I know I should pray, read the bible or doing something productive for my faith…and I just don’t wanna. Call it laziness, procrastination, or whatever else you can come up with, but I think we can all agree it’s not good.

It’s in those times when I feel like there’s a crack in my soul and faith is just slowly seeping out through it, and I have no motivation to try and patch it up. It would be so easy to fix, but something stops me.

When I look back at the points when I felt that way, I always see a pattern emerging in the chaos. The fact is that I haven’t done anything to really invest in my faith. I’ve let it grow stagnant and familiar for far too long, so it’s no wonder why it doesn’t excite me anymore.

It’s way too easy to just tell myself I’m going to pray every night and leave it at that. Meanwhile, I’m not making any kind of effort to dive any deeper into my faith and I’m not challenging my mind.

I’ve realized that while it’s important to just have a faith, I need to also be constantly working at it. I need to reach out and discover new things, find answers to the extremely tough questions I have and, most importantly, find myself a community.

I've realized that while it's important to just have a faith, I need to also be constantly working at it. Click To Tweet

If you’re thinking about this right now and saying to yourself, “oh my gosh that’s exactly how I feel, but…I don’t think there’s much I can do about it,” throw away that negativity. Yes, you can do something about it and no you’re not alone.

Here’s a few things you need to try today:


1. Open up a new book in your bible.

So how many of you have just been getting by on prayers? If you silently said yes, here’s a news flash: your bible was written for a reason and is begging you to be opened.

your bible was written for a reason and is begging you to be opened. Click To Tweet

Just find a page and start reading a few verses. That’s all it takes to start stewing something new in your mind. If you have questions, look them up or ask someone. If you want more, read more. If you need something different from God’s word at that moment, go and look for it. Reading the bible never has to be perfect. 

If you already do these things and still feel ehhh, that’s when you need to find a new book. For example, if you’ve been feeling stuck in the NT, try the OT. No matter what transition you make, you’ll be reading something a little bit different than what you were before.


2. Listen to a few testimonies.

This can easily be done by searching the internet, YouTube or asking someone in your faith community. It’s really that simple to find a new perspective on this life you’re trying to live out.

For me, the best part about hearing a new testimony is the little miracles you get to hear about. Sometimes, God literally drags someone out of a rock-bottom place I could never imagine being in, and completely transforms who they are. That kind of thing just doesn’t happen without God. It’s beautiful and always gives me hope that, even if my rock-bottom isn’t that bad, God will do something miraculous in my life too.

However, if you’ve listened to a few but just can’t find that personal connection you’re looking for, write your own testimony. Yeah. I’m serious. Take a pen and a notebook and write it all out. Maybe you’re the only one who will ever see it, but it’ll become so valuable to you. Although you might not realize how God is working in you, He always is. Sometimes it just takes a look back over your shoulder to see it.


3. Find a faith community.

I’m serious when I say that it’s extremely hard to be a Catholic when I don’t have anyone to talk to about it. So….what can really be done?

Put yourself out there.

Put yourself out there. Click To Tweet

Look online. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends what they believe. Go to church and talk to someone next to you. Go to church events. One of the best things I’ve done for my faith is to go on retreats. I’ve discovered a few where the people are all my age, and my entire weekend is just centered around getting to know them and God better.

However, I feel that same sense of community when I’m in a bible study or a group where I can talk openly and honestly to people who are in the same stage of life as I am. As people, we need that connection. As people of God, we can’t grow without it.

If you haven’t yet, check out my Facebook group I co-created that addresses this exact issue. If you’re out of college, feeling a bit lost in your faith and wishing you had people you could talk to about it: this would be your ideal group to join.

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