Wait. What is Blithesome Brunette?

This lifestyle blog was created to be a place where I can share my life as a wanderlusting, adventurous & Catholic twenty-something with the rest of the world. I strongly believe that I was given this love for writing and sharing experiences and advice, so that I could positively influence those around me. I want to connect other Millennials out there and let them know that we aren’t alone. There’s a meaning behind all of this craziness.

(P.S. I post twice a week!)

Okay. So…who are you?

I’m Amanda and student teaching in a Spanish classroom, with an awesome teacher. I’ve been blogging inconsistently for a few years, and have just started to take it seriously. I find that it’s almost an online diary of sorts, one that can really move people, if you do it right. I also want this blog to be a place where people can come to find genuine content, because there’s just too much out there that isn’t.

Studying the Spanish language (which I LOVE) sparked a passion for traveling, and I have diagnosed myself with a major case of wanderlust. (I probably have Web MD to thank for the self-diagnosis problem I have.) So far, I’ve only been to a few places, but I plan to change that the more time goes on. As for other things that inspire me, the list is endless. However, a few of my favorites are photography, fitness, cooking and, of course, music.

So…as for the name? I chose Blithesome Brunette because Blithesome means happy, carefree and I feel that’s something us Millennials/Twenty-Somethings embody more than other generations. We aren’t afraid to go out there and live our lives happily & to the fullest. As for the Brunette, that’s just my hair color. Honestly, I just wanted an alliteration (shout out to all those English-language-lovers out there!) and something that connected the blog back to myself.

Want to talk?

I’m always excited to meet new people or give advice about anything, so feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on my social media, which you can find below! If you click on my contact page, you’ll also find my e-mail.

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