Where To Share Your Blog Posts After Publishing

Recently, I’ve been writing a ton of life-advice and faith-related posts. I’ve been talking about how I found my faith, resources for Christians, and a lot about college. However, because this is an advice blog and a lot of my readers are other bloggers, I love sharing blogging advice with that community. So, today I’m … Read More

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What I’ve Learned in One Year of Blogging!

Today, or rather yesterday, marks the day of one year of blogging! I can’t believe how much has come from me purchasing a domain name and downloading WordPress for the first time, a year ago. I’ve found opportunities I’d never have heard about otherwise, and gained a worldview that is so different than it used to … Read More

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Three Reasons You Should Start Blogging NOW

A while back, I wrote a post titled: Why I Blog + My Story.  I talked about how much I went through to get to this point of blogging, but why it’s all worth it. It almost played out like a timeline of my life, because a lot of it involved having some type of blog … Read More

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To The College Girl Who Feels Lost–You’re Not Alone

A few weeks ago, I discovered a blogger by the name of Stephanie May Wilson. She’s incredibly gifted in speaking and writing, and I instantly fell in love with the way she so openly talks about her faith. It’s inspiring. She has a book she wrote a little while back and it’s literally just a memoir … Read More

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What Am I Doing With My Life? An Update

Hi friends! A few days ago, I posted a poll on Twitter and Insta asking if you all like to read life updates, and every single one of you (who voted) said yes. And naturally I got so excited!! I love these blog types where I just get to type and don’t have to edit … Read More

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Are You Really Growing Up If You Don’t Lose Friendships?

I’m not sure how many of you watch HelloKaty on YouTube (or maybe you read her blog), but she’s kinda awesome. She really steps out of the realm of what YouTubers are expected to be, and just gets real with her viewers. I completely wish there were more people who weren’t afraid to just sit … Read More

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